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New teeth coming behind existing teeth

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SlightlyMadSugar Thu 21-Jun-07 22:06:48

DTD2 (6) discovered her first wobbly tooth a few days ago (one of the front ones at the bototm). When we looked we could clearly see the new one behind it. I mentioned it to friend who has been through this and she said - oh yeah thats normal. We could also see DTD1s new teeth behind the existing ones too - but with much less wobble on the milk teeth.

Now I have looked at DTD1s today and her new tooth is clearly behind the milk tooth. It has cut the gum and is growing (about 1-2mm out I guess). Her milk teeth are still barely wobby. When I showed my friend she said - oh I didn't think you meant behind. She thought I meant underneath pushing it up. All of the new teeth are clearly behind and if they keep going like this will be in a totally diff place to the milk teeth.

Anyone experienced this?

mrsdarcy Thu 21-Jun-07 22:10:39

This happened with DS1. I took him to the dentist who said that when the milk teeth did come out, his tongue would push the big teeth forward into the right position. She was right. He had a double row for a few months (we called them his shark teeth!) but all is normal now.

There are a few threads about it, if you search.


Mommalove Thu 21-Jun-07 22:15:33

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Thu 21-Jun-07 22:16:21

Message withdrawn

SlightlyMadSugar Thu 21-Jun-07 22:18:29

So should I bother the dentist?

And euuuw [vom]. I hate wobbly teeth and gappy teeth. Do you mean I have to put up with horizontal teeth too?

Mommalove Thu 21-Jun-07 22:20:06

Message withdrawn

MaureenMLove Thu 21-Jun-07 22:27:47

dd has got this at the moment. Both teeth on either side of her front teeth at the top are almost through, but the milk teeth haven't come out yet. She had a routine dental check last month and the dentist was not concerned at all. He did put her on a waiting list for braces just in case, as the wait is 2 years!, but he did say it was highly unlikely she would need them anyway.

SlightlyMadSugar Thu 21-Jun-07 22:32:08

DTDS have a routine check in 4 weeks. May wiat until then

Aimsmum Thu 21-Jun-07 22:32:48

Message withdrawn

Washersaurus Thu 21-Jun-07 22:45:06

Both of my brothers had two sets of top teeth - urgghhh horrible! These were adult teeth though not milk teeth. I think it is a hereditary condition. I though it was really freaky but I found out that my old boss had suffered with it too.

The second set of teeth had to be removed, causing them to lisp for a while.

I think I would get it checked out by the dentist just in case.

SconesandMajesticSandwiches Thu 05-Jul-07 14:18:13

And just to bump another thread about teeth .

Brought their check-up forward. Dentist not too concerned. Agreed with you all really. There is nothing that can be done at this stage - the front ones just have to fall out (as it happens one did last night) and then let the tongue push the new ones into place.

If there are further problems they wouldn't refer to an orthodontist for a few years in any case.

(Just thought I would update for the archives)

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