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'why hasnt daddy got his new heart yet' asked my 4 year old dd this morning

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misdee Sun 17-Jun-07 09:09:23


DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Sun 17-Jun-07 09:10:49

Aw Misdee (((HUGS)))

Trinityrhino Sun 17-Jun-07 09:11:54

aww misdee

misdee Sun 17-Jun-07 09:13:04

i told her that they need to find one that matches perfectly.

she wants to go to the beach

lionheart Sun 17-Jun-07 09:13:29

Fingers crossed it will be soon.

mamapoopants Sun 17-Jun-07 09:14:36

Oh Misdee - love to you all

misdee Sun 17-Jun-07 09:14:40

i hope so, its the long school holidays soon isnt it?

edam Sun 17-Jun-07 09:14:57

I hope they get one that works for Peter very soon.

Wotz Sun 17-Jun-07 09:15:40

misdee thinking of you

holsnovell Sun 17-Jun-07 09:22:45

Thoughts are with you.

misdee Sun 17-Jun-07 09:32:03

can you help at all?

i know its the time of year for summer fayres, village shows etc, can anyone set up a stall with organ donor stuff?

noddyholder Sun 17-Jun-07 09:39:41

There are times when teh wait seems endless aren't there?It must be so hard for your children I don't know how you keep everything going.Can you leave dp at all?I live by the beach and would love to have you and the girls for a weekend it would be no trouble and seeing me might make you see it does happen adn there is hope xxxxxxxxxx

Pinkchampagne Sun 17-Jun-07 09:45:20

Oh misdee

I hope that call comes soon.x

Troutpout Sun 17-Jun-07 09:49:07

Oh misdee
crossing everything for you all

LIZS Sun 17-Jun-07 09:54:44

if only life were that simple... heartbreaking

kittylette Sun 17-Jun-07 10:00:52

Thats so sad,

I hope its soon Misdee, i really, realy do.


misdee Sun 17-Jun-07 10:01:45

its his 28th birthday soon, then LVAD's 2nd birthday as well.

Wotz Sun 17-Jun-07 10:07:04

you and our dcs are truely the best fathers day present any man could wish for...

Wotz Sun 17-Jun-07 10:07:28

'our' mean 'your' lol

not realted!

schneebly Sun 17-Jun-07 10:08:15

misdee - it is a heartbreaking situation.

I will definitely organise a stand as soon as I move. x

Wotz Sun 17-Jun-07 10:09:46

<<hijack hi schneebly, let me know when you move and we will see if all the sthport mn can help>>

schneebly Sun 17-Jun-07 10:12:00

good plan wotz! Thank you

misdee Sun 17-Jun-07 13:11:17

well she has asked lots more questions about how the body works, so have been looking at anotomy pictures, x-rays etc online.

Tentacles Sun 17-Jun-07 13:16:44

I will donate some cash once I get round to organising a car boot sale with my uncle.
I'm donating blood tomorrow, I know its not a heart, but it may help someone out there.

girlsyearapart Thu 02-Jul-09 09:56:08

puts everything into perspective hearing something like that xx

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