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Children organ donation

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weebuns Tue 05-Feb-13 14:07:38

Hi all, my little brother died suddenly at the age of only 14 yrs. he suffered a brain haemorrhage on a Friday and was pronounced brain stem dead the following day. On the Friday evening the doctor remained unhopeful of any recovery and explained that brain stem tests would be done the following day to see if he was actually brain dead. At this point my mother asked, is this where we consider organ donation. The doctor and myself were pretty shocked as normally someone approaches the family on this matter. I, being a nurse knew it would be brought up at some point. I thought my mum was so brave at asking this. But the reason she did ask was because my little brother said to my mum a couple of months previous that she should donate her organs when she dies as its a great thing to do. It made it very simple for my mum and dad to agree to it. It was absolutely amazing to hear how many people he helped and how debilitating their life was prior to this gift of life. I'm so proud of my little brother for doing this in a round about way. I've no hesitation on being a donor, if I can help when I'm gone, that would be amazing. My husband and family know my wishes which is enough but I signed the register anyway, which is so easy to do. Go for it folks.

elsieanjoanne Fri 08-Jun-07 11:09:34

I am on the donor register and i too have tried to talk to dp about donating my dd organs if needed he said he doesnt want his dd in pieces, i dont see it like this as far as i am concerend if life is over (soul not inc) the persons body should be used to help someone else survive! my sister 16 has cf and ONE day she WILL NEED heart and lung transplant an i have already said she could have one of my lungs if needed my dp got quite upset at this!
Misdee I have just watched the you tube link i have sat crying! its sooo upsetting hope a transplant comes Peter's way soon x

coleyboy Fri 08-Jun-07 10:50:40

I have just come home from hospital with ds who had a liver transplant 7 weeks ago.

I have always been on the organ donor register, and now can't keep my mouth shut about getting others to sign up.

Ds had acute liver failure so he had a liver within 2 days of being on the register. However there were chronic sufferers on the ward who had been waiting for years - it was heart breaking.

Ds is 10mo and received part of a liver, the other part went to an adult. Therefore 2 people have benefited from just one persons liver. If other organs were donated, there are even more people out there who have been given a 2nd chance.

So, please please please spread the organ donor word.

WaynettaSlob Fri 08-Jun-07 10:41:48

I tried to raise this subject with DH once, and he got really upset at the thought of ever having to make the decision for the DCs (which is why I said we should have the conversation) but he just backed away.
The logical / rational part of me says that (God-forbid) the situation should arise that I would make the decision to donate. the reality may be very different though.

BTW - DH and I are both on the register.

Highlander Fri 08-Jun-07 10:37:26

DH and I both agree that any of the DSs organs should be used. My neighbour's baby had a heart trnasplant at 4 days old - brings it all home really.

Chelseamum Fri 08-Jun-07 10:29:30

We are going to join the register this weekend!

I hope we can keep this issue going as it is a very very very decent thing to do for others!

Indith Fri 08-Jun-07 09:13:27

I too think we should have to opt out rather than opt in. With children though there would have to be measures to ensure that parents were consulted before removal. Dp and I are both registered and both give blood. I am also on the bone marrow register.

woopsadaisy Fri 08-Jun-07 09:01:44

would definatly donate mine and dd organs, because it can help someone
it would be the only good thing to come out of something bad happening

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 08-Jun-07 08:53:08

Myself and dh are on the register. Ds1 signed himself up too. Ds2 will make his own decision about it but if something happened in the meantime I would give consent.

As a baby my dd was in a position where she was considered for transplant. As it was she was initally too sick and too small and then, thankfully she made a pretty miraculous recovery but it is something we may have to face. And I've seen the difference a transplant has made to several families.

I am pro-opt-out but am aware that there are problems with that. The assumption that by doing nothing you have given consent is a difficult area.

MaureenMLove Thu 07-Jun-07 23:25:52

I agree with you CAT, it should be an opt out thing. So many people keep meaning to join, but don't, so switching it the other way round would be the answer. My dd(11) made it clear a few years ago, she wanted to be on the list and we all are.

wrinklytum Thu 07-Jun-07 23:24:25

Having worked on a renal ward with people awaiting transplants would endorse becoming a donor.I am.

Would also recommend if people would consider donating bone marrow (as a live donor,obviously).Details can be found from Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust.Also becoming a blood donor.

Would probably donate should anything horrendous happen to the children but would not have to think about the actual proceedure too much as once saw an organ harvest as a student nurse,which did alarm me at the time.

Chelseamum Thu 07-Jun-07 23:17:59

thanks Misdee... Fingers crossed for Peter... sorry I wasn't aware of your ongoing experience!

I truly believe we must keep the debate going anyway!

Nighty night girls!

misdee Thu 07-Jun-07 23:05:33

you can register yourself and your children online but remember to discuss wishes with other family members as well. you can also remove yourself and chidlren aqt any time as well, and it is wise to discuss it with them when they are older.

ChasingSquirrels Thu 07-Jun-07 23:02:04

ditto cat64, but also agree that I don't even want to think about my kids being in this situation.
I and dh have cards (although god knows where they are - but I think we opted in on driving licences?). I would like to think if I was ever in the position to have to decide re the kids then I would, I hope to god that I am never in that position.

cat64 Thu 07-Jun-07 23:02:01

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 07-Jun-07 22:59:52

organ donation t shirts spread the word!

dissle Thu 07-Jun-07 22:58:23

very very very difficult with no measure of soul searching.

I never dare think of us in that situation in case it makes it come true.

i would do it, i would but it is just too traumatic and rips the heart out of my chest even just to think of it.

i would do it.

Chelseamum Thu 07-Jun-07 22:57:45

It is so upsetting when you start reading the stats of the small amount of people in the UK who donated their organs. It just seems such an irresposible neglect not to share them and just bury them underground when there is so much need outhere.

I wonder why the goverment doesn;t do national campaings on tv about it.... they well do remind us of our taxes needing to be paid!

misdee Thu 07-Jun-07 22:54:44

My 7yr old has her own card. she choose to go on the donor list last year.

But my children are aware of organ donation as their daddy is waiting for a heart

youtube video

lisad123 Thu 07-Jun-07 22:53:51

Given Peters situation and the struggles misdee and family go though I would defo agree with it

cat64 Thu 07-Jun-07 22:52:52

Message withdrawn

Chelseamum Thu 07-Jun-07 22:51:04

Following a very close encounter from a family member regarding donating the organs of her deceased child. It has make me think about what I would do if my dd would die.

I have decided that now is the time to make the decision and all our family are going to become organ donors.

What do you think about this issue?


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