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So tired but can't go to sleep yet

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Herculesupatree Tue 13-Feb-18 22:45:44

So this is weird, I have found that if I go to sleep at any time before 1130pm, I will be awake again at 1-2am. Eventually I will get back to sleep bug the next day will feel like shit.

If I wait until 1130pm I will generally sleep till 5-6am before I wake up. This still isn't enough sleep to make me feel rested but it's the lesser of 2 evils so I keep myself awake.

Why does this happen, does anyone know?!

It doesn't seem to be related to lack of exercise, alcohol or any other obvious stuff. I have a toddler so could really do with being able to have an early night!!

Chilver Tue 13-Feb-18 22:56:27

Have you tried a supplement like Bio-Magnesium? it keeps your magnesium levels constant through the night - if they dip, you wake up apparently. I had this problem a long time again and took the Bio-magnesium and it worked - or could have been a placebo!

Or just take sleeping pills to break the cycle???

Herculesupatree Tue 13-Feb-18 23:12:55

Oh magnesium I will try that. I have tried sleeping pills and over the counter ones make no difference, I'd have to go to the doctors I suppose.

Herculesupatree Tue 13-Feb-18 23:13:26

Thanks for the idea chilver!

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