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Bleeding after orgasm

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Abitworriedaboutmyfoo Tue 16-Jan-18 21:12:27

Hi guys,

Backstory is that I came off the pill in July after 15yrs on to get straightened out in prep for ttc later this year.
I had a withdrawal bleed end of July then what seemed a normal period end of Aug/start of Sept.
Followed by another normal five day period at the end of Sept.

Since then things have gotten weird. I had absolutely nothing until mid Dec, I got worried about it in Nov and had a neg pregnancy test then.

Mid Dec I bled after some very normal sex. It was like spotting for a few days. Same again early Jan and then it’s happened a few times when I’ve been amusing myself with no penetration.

I’ve had a LLETZ procedure six years ago and was discharged from check ups as very low risk.
Has anyone had anything like this? I know I need to see my GP but right now I’m getting myself in a tiz!!!

Thanks xx

Mumsmet Tue 16-Jan-18 21:16:27

Do not google it! You will just get yourself in a state. Try to relax his evening, distract yourself with a film/ book and try to get an appointment with your GP tomorrow. Your body is probably just getting used to not being on the pill but it is as well to get it checked out.

FluffyFerrets Tue 16-Jan-18 22:09:49

Make a GP appt and go get checked out. I've not experienced missing periods after stopping contraception so can't comment on that but I've also had LLETZ, years ago, I often spot/bleed after penetrative sex and just after an orgasm too.
I have cervical ectropion (I don't know why it's not still called cervical erosionsmile... much easier to bloody remember ) It's not dangerous, just sometimes uncomfortable so could be as simple as that but it DOES need checking.

Mumsmet Wed 17-Jan-18 16:15:54

How did you get on?

Abitworriedaboutmyfoo Wed 17-Jan-18 21:18:38

Hilariously I tried not to inconvenience Work by going in as normal... I then got bollocked for making the appointment phone call during work time despite leaving it hours and ending up unable to get an appointment until 3:30 tomorrow...

I’ll let you know!!! Thanks so much for asking x

Mumsmet Wed 17-Jan-18 21:57:44

How gruelling getting told off for making a call when you could have taken the day off.
I hope that your appointment will go well tomorrow.

Mumsmet Fri 19-Jan-18 11:24:57

How did the appointment go?

Abitworriedaboutmyfoo Fri 19-Jan-18 17:06:25

Hi mumsmet! I really appreciate your posts, much needed at a stressful time grin

I went yesterday and turns out the doc they booked me with is a junior on rotation from hospital as part of their training... she had to check her conclusions etc with a senior duty GP who came in for two mins...

I like to think of helping people get trained but unfortunately this meant she refused to perform any kind of intimate examination... The duty GP said the no period was no worries as I’d been on the pill so long that she’d expect up to a year for my cycle to fix itself.
The duty GP did say that given my history an examination and smear would be needed asap, so I’m booked for that on Monday. She then said that she expects it will be cervical ectropion as a result of hormonal changes after so long on the pill but she would make no assumptions.

So kind of feeling better about it despite the inconvenience of going back for the important bit


Mumsmet Fri 19-Jan-18 21:15:22

I am glad that you have booked to have your CS done and it is great that the GP was not too alarmed by anything you said.

Hopefully you can have a relaxing, worry-free weekend.

Best wishes

Mumsmet Wed 24-Jan-18 07:56:20

I hope it went okay. Obviously you will not know the CS results for ten to fourteen days

All the best

Abitworriedaboutmyfoo Wed 24-Jan-18 20:51:59

So I went on Monday and they wanted to take blood samples as well as do a full std screen and cs. So that’s good!

No signs of ectropion at all apparently, looked totally normal according to the nurse and didn’t bleed when poked about. So we’ll have to wait and see...

Thank you x

Mumsmet Wed 24-Jan-18 22:39:36

Great news re:

No signs of ectropion at all apparently, looked totally normal according to the nurse and didn’t bleed when poked about.

I am glad that they took bloods too just to rule everything out.

Best wishes x

Mumsmet Wed 07-Feb-18 12:53:00

I hope all's well

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