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Anyone used Prucalopride?

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SunnyUpNorth Tue 21-Nov-17 17:09:02

I've recently had various investigations into long term IBS-C with the findings being that there are no physiological problems so it's most likely a slow moving bowel.

Consultant has prescribed Prucalopride to try. I've done a search and there isn't much info on this but I did come across a website where people said they had terrible side effects within minutes of taking it....
Unbearable headaches
Pains in legs that kept them awake all night
Blurred vision that stopped them driving for weeks
Insatiable appetite so they put on loads of weight!

The few people for whom it worked said it stopped working after 5 weeks. A lot of people said you have to persevere with it for weeks to get used to the side effects by which time it is starting to stop working.

I know that more people will complain about stuff online than those for whom it has been effective. So would be interested to hear if anyone has been using it long term and how it has been?

I also read it affects serotonin levels, is this in a good way or bad way?

It would be great to hear how anyone has got on with this drug.

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SunnyUpNorth Tue 28-Nov-17 22:09:50

Anyone please?

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Don24680 Sun 22-Jul-18 00:01:41

I have just started prucalopride and all those horrible side effects are true. I was warned about them before I started and told to push on through. How did you find them?

Debilitatingflower Fri 30-Aug-19 19:37:32

Started these tablets just over a week ago and experienced horrific headaches, and nausea had to stop due to having a colon transit study went back on them and the leg pains are unreal I won't be taking any more it's not possible

tanmomusa1 Wed 04-Sep-19 17:19:17

Hi, I took this a few years ago, yes it worked, for around 2 weeks and gave me the most awful migranes which went after the first 2 days. however it just stopped working, for me, I took it twice a week max, with days in between and this meant I could have a movement, I moved to the US so its no longer available to me, I had tried everything known to man, and the cure for me was surgery for a prolapse, I'm sorry you are suffering its bloody miserable

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