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iamawsome Tue 14-Nov-17 22:14:41

So I think I have piles sorry TMI

they pop out when straining and then pop back in by themselves only small sort of like peeping pees there’s 3/4 had a baby 10 months ago (heard its common postnatal)

They cause me no pain other than when I try to go.. and little bit of blood but only right after going, they’ve been causing this pain about 4 days I’m a little constipated drinking water and eating fruit I’m using the cream for it Tesco’s own brand, anyway just wondered from experience how long the cream takes to work? Was going to give it another 2 days then see gp does this sound right?

If it gets worse will go straight away

iamawsome Wed 15-Nov-17 18:47:27


MissTulipan Thu 16-Nov-17 16:51:10

Hi there, I am having bum troubles currently so thought I would reply. If the piles are mild they should calm down in a few days with over counter creams. If not you could try an over counter treatment with added hydrocortisone (germaloids HC spray) or anusol HC suppositories. It depends if they are more on the outside or in. Mine apparently were just inside the hole (nice)

If that doesn’t work you need a prescription for stronger stuff. I just got prescribed Scheriproct by GP after full bum examination which actually wasn’t embarrassing surprisingly. My soreness overtook any embarrassment factor. This is a stronger hydrocortisone gel/ointment and shrunk the piles in days. Sadly I now know I have a fissure too so still sore but at least piles have calmed down.

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