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Ear and sinus.... infection??

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Bellyrub1980 Sun 12-Nov-17 13:02:55

I've had a cold for a month now and have been left with blocked ears and right cheekbone pain. 2 days ago I saw a nurse who looked in my ears and said one ear drum was swollen and the other one had blood and pus in it. The bloody one is on the side of the painful cheek bone.

She gave me some antibiotic eardrops. The earache has reduced a bit, the cheekbone pain is getting worse. I am almost totally deaf now in the bloody ear. I feel lousy and spending today in bed.

Do you think because the ear pain has gone that's a sign of improvement. My cheekbone is really throbbing and still deaf.... if I'm honest the deafness is starting to make me panic.

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