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Think I have the flu

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ninjapants Fri 10-Nov-17 02:40:07

I've been suffering from flu like symptoms for three days now. I'm struggling to do much, I've a headache, sore throat, sneezing a lot, but nose isn't really bunged up, coughing and have a crackly chest, I'm really achy and I'm roasting one minute and freezing the next. My appetite is ok though, just reduced. I suffer from an auto immune condition and get colds fairly frequently; this is considerably worse than any I've experienced recently. Stupidly I've not yet had the flu vaccine. Could this be what it is? And if so, should I contact the GP? Don't think I can go there just now but I doubt they'll come out as they're so busy.

CiderwithBuda Fri 10-Nov-17 02:54:15

To be honest there isn't much they can do. If it's flu it's a virus and will just run its course.

I had a cold earlier in the week and just took DayNurse and NightNurse. Chest really hurt on Monday if I coughed and I thought it would really develop but it didn't get much worse. I felt weak and clammy with not much appetite too. Rested as much as I could. Lots of fluids and vitamins. Much better now.

You do sound worse than I was but I'm not sure its actually flu. From what I've read on here real flu is really much worse than you describe.

ninjapants Fri 10-Nov-17 03:15:16

That's what I'm wondering. I'm just worried because I have a young DS and I really don't want him getting it. I'll maybr give the doc a call in the morning.
Also I'm struggling with DH who is suffering a bout of depression just now and is trying to undermine and compete with me (attention seeking behaviour is all part and parcel of his depression). He's being less than helpful with DS, who missed nursery yesterday because DH slept in deliberately. I'm wondering whether to send DS to his Granparents to protect him from getting ill, and give myself (And DH) time out to recover. If DS gets this it would be awful and DH is not equipped to cope with him being unwell too right now.

CiderwithBuda Fri 10-Nov-17 03:21:04

Sending DS to grandparents sounds like a good idea although he may well get it anyway as been in contact with you.

Sorry you have issues with your DH. That sounds really stressful. Even though you know it's an illness it's still hard to deal with.

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