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First smear test booked

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ApollO88 Thu 26-Oct-17 18:39:34

Hi ladies
So today I booked my first smear test. I’m 29 and have been putting this off and putting this off. My appointment is booked for 10th nov.
I’ve been tracking my period with the clue app and for the past 15 months my periods have fluctuated in length a lot, shortest was 28 days, longest was 42. When it is here it’s always the same. Day1 is light. Days 2/3 are heavy. Day 3/4 is light. Day 5 spotting then all done.
So this cycle, day1 is normal then for the next 10 days I had on and off light bleeding then spotting then light bleeding again. It eventually trailed off but yesterday I started spotting again on day 23 of the cycle.
So this could be my period returning early or it could be bleeding mid cycle. I won’t know yet for another few days.
My general questions are as follows:
1. What if my period turns up properly when my appointment day is here? Can I still have the test done on my period?
2. What can I expect from the test? I’ve never had one..... I had internal exams when I was in labour (DS6yrs)
3. I’m plus size.... how could this affect my test?
4. What am I suddenly getting a really weird period with potential bleeding mid cycle when for 15 months my periods have been consistent?
Also I know I should have booked before now so go on easy on a girl with anxiety issues please

keepingbees Thu 26-Oct-17 19:28:15

Hi don’t beat yourself up about not going before, you’ve booked one now that’s the main thing smile
Firstly, if you have your period or any bleeding they won’t be able to do the test as the blood will stop them being able to examine the cells, you need to aim to be roughly mid cycle.

The test itself will involve you stripping from the waist down and laying on the bed with your feet together and knees apart. The nurse will use a speculum to ‘open’ you up, this can be a little uncomfortable but I’ve never found it in any way painful. She will check everything looks ok, then she will use a small brush to sweep round your cervix to collect cells, that she will seal up and send off to be looked at. Then she’ll remove the speculum and you’re all done. It only takes a few minutes and is fine.
I can’t see your size having any effect on doing the test.
I’m not sure why you’re bleeding mid cycle, it could be a number of things, but best to mention and get some advice. I’m sure it’s nothing, some women can bleed during ovulation, but the smear test is definitely a good idea just to rule anything else out. HTH

ApollO88 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:44:34

Thanks for responding keepingbees

Caulk Thu 26-Oct-17 19:46:14

I thought you had to have it at least a week after your period finished but I may be wrong. You can always rearrange it if you need to.

Abstardust Thu 26-Oct-17 20:35:46

If you period comes fully then you’ll have to rearrange the smear, when I had mine I had slight spotting due to issues with my contraception, I didn’t realise but the nurse saw when doing smear, she still did the test and advised if it was too much in sample they would request a retest. Results came back week later all good.
I was worried about it being uncomfortable but I didn’t hardly notice as was chatting to her while she did it. I found my sweep while pregnant more painful/ uncomfortable.
I’m plus size and made no difference to the test.
Not sure why you could be bleeding mid term, mine is due to contraception which still trying to sort, if it’s really unusual discuss with nurse or try to get in with gp

ApollO88 Fri 27-Oct-17 09:07:34

Thanks abstardust I was wondering what to do if I was still spotting by the time the appointment comes around. It’s just a waiting game I guess to see what happens with my period between now and appointment and I’ll discuss it with her when I’m there

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