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Help DVT and cancer fears am shitting self

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Ahardyfool Wed 25-Oct-17 20:15:11

So today I was diagnosed with a DVT in my gastrocnemius vein. Thank fuck I took myself to A&E last night - despite the fact my GP yesterday morning said it was just a bout of phlebitis - because after a precautionary dose of heparin following a positive d-dimer test (800) I had an ultrasound this morning and sure enough there’s a DVT. Been sent home with anti coagulants and am very very panicked about having a pulmonary embolism but what is adding to my freakery is this: in passing I mentioned some recent spotting between periods which i suggested could be peri-menopausal hormonal stuff going on because I normally have ultra normal and regular periods. The reason I mentioned this is because it would explain a phlebitis attack (I have varicose veins and after childbirth due to hormone surge I have always got an attack of phlebitis). The GP suddenly became concerned by this (more than the calf pain as it turns out) and asked me to book in for pelvic/cervical exam with female dr ASAP. Anyway I did all that and am due to go tomorrow morning as it happens. However, in the meantime, the A&E dr has picked up in all this plus the d dimer and the DVT incidence and has requested a pelvic and abdomen CT scan as a matter of urgency. I am so scared. Anyone with experience? Symptoms that are anecdotal rather than just the listed stuff on Macmillan/nhs sites?

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