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Has anyone had the '40yrs health check' at GP?

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SarahBeeney Sun 22-Oct-17 00:01:59

So I turned 40 last December and haven’t received a letter for the health check they do for 40 year olds. Have they phased this out does anyone know?

MollyHuaCha Sun 22-Oct-17 21:08:05

It’s 50 where I live.

ajandjjmum Sun 22-Oct-17 21:08:49

It's 50 here too.

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sun 22-Oct-17 21:11:18

I turned 40 in 2014 and got invited for an 'over 40 health check', the invite definitely didn't arrive til several months after I had turned 40 though so wonder if they just send all the invites out once a year or something?

travailtotravel Sun 22-Oct-17 21:23:56

I got one. But not until after my birthday.

Hulababy Sun 22-Oct-17 21:26:05

Im 44y, as is dh, and never heard of one let alone been invited to go for one.

What do they check/test?

KikisDeliveryService Sun 22-Oct-17 21:30:47

My DH got one at 40, I’m still waiting so I’m guessing women get a later one round here.

Petalflowers Sun 22-Oct-17 21:31:01

I've had one! Basically it's a Mot. They check your BP, cholesterol, weight, alcohol consumption etc.

HidingBehindTheWallpaper Sun 22-Oct-17 21:32:11

DH and I both had them, 2 and 4 years ago.
Might be dependent on where you live.

Petalflowers Sun 22-Oct-17 21:33:22

Some of these checks are done on areas. Ie. They call every eligible person in one area, then call people in the next area etc. Eventually they will get back to the first area. Actually, possibly thinking of smears.

KikisDeliveryService Sun 22-Oct-17 21:33:29

He got asked about his levels of activity, drinking, smoking etc. Blood pressure, weight & height. He said they were very confused when he booked, even though sent him a letter! I’m guessing uptake of appointments isn’t high.

BhajiAllTheWay Sun 22-Oct-17 21:33:59

never heard of it. Was reading all posters at GP surgery other day and nothing on to advertise this.

CherieBabySpliffUp Sun 22-Oct-17 21:34:30

I have just had one at 41yo. My dp hasn't and he's 49 hmm

Justasec Sun 22-Oct-17 21:35:47

I asked specifically about this at last gp and was categorically told they don't do them, so must depend on area/gp?

LostwithSawyer Sun 22-Oct-17 21:49:21

Only certain areas offer the NHS health check.
It's only offered to people between 40 and 74 who have no health issues eg diabetes, hypertension, chd etc...
If your area offers it it depends how often they send out invites. Could be yearly or if they're really short staffed even longer.

Kahlua4me Mon 23-Oct-17 00:04:43

I asked the nurse st our surgery a few weeks ago. She had never heard of them!
I am 49 so I guess I won't getting one....

Tanfastic Mon 23-Oct-17 14:28:10

I had when when I turned 40 about three years ago. I got a letter in the post to make an appointment.

It's basically an MOT. They weigh you, take your measurements, blood pressure, a load of test tubes of blood to test for various things like cholesterol and diabetes. Then they call you back a week or so later and give you a percentage of your likelihood of having a stroke or heart attack in the next ten years.

The nurse to,d me not many people take up the offer.

AuntieMay Mon 23-Oct-17 15:40:55

It's up to the individual GP practice if they offer this or not. I do themes part of my job ( HCA) but my own practice in the same area doesn't offer them. Gps can opt in/ out of several services and funding is adjusted accordingly.

EBearhug Mon 23-Oct-17 15:43:37

I had it at 45.

letsdolunch321 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:45:03

I assume it is relevent to where you live.

My area does not offer this, I attended docs and asked for it. Interestingly I am low in B12/Folate and Vitamin D ..... No wonder I felt crappy

StealthPolarBear Mon 23-Oct-17 15:45:11

I thought the NHS health check offer was mandated. In fact I'm sure it is.

tellitlikeitispls Mon 23-Oct-17 15:45:44

yes. I had it last year (I'm 43) You don't get a letter here though (I'm in Cambridgeshire) If you happen to be at the GP there are posters on the wall, and you will be told about it.

SarahBeeney Wed 25-Oct-17 23:13:46

Hmm,I’d quite like to have a health MOT!I need to have my cholesterol checked anyway due to family history. It’s almost impossible to get a Dr’s appointment where I am so just as well I’m not in a rush.
Thanks all.

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