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PCOS or cancer? Worried

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Eleast Thu 19-Oct-17 15:46:33

I could do with some advice, I am constantly worrying about cancer. I’m 29 and it runs a lot in my dads family and since having my two little ones I just worry about it and leaving them without a mom! Now I’m really freaking out and worrying at night as I’ve some symptoms. Basically since my youngest was born last July my periods have been getting longer, between 7-10 days and my cycle isn’t regular either. I didn’t breastfeed and it took over 3 months for them to return. I’ve also had a few cases of spotting recently. I’ve got more acne lately which I never had before and my weight has really gone up (I believe that’s down to diet and lifestyle) and I’m always always tired I have no energy at all.
My dr thinks it’s PCOS but my bloods have all come back normal, she also said my cervix looked fine so now waiting for a scan. Though I saw her reaction change when I mentioned spotting. Plus I had no trouble getting pregnant, both times it took less than 3 months!
She thinks the pill was masking it for the last ten years. I went back on it for 8 months between pregnancies and haven’t gone back on it this time so it’s the longest I’ve gone with my normal cycle.
I’m really scared it’s cancer. I feel so out of sorts. I get a lot more heartburn and indigestion, I don’t really have a big appetite at tea time (but again I can snack all day long so it’s probably that!)It’s the spotting that worries me. Can anyone offer any reassurance?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 19-Oct-17 16:41:06

What blood tests have you had done to date and on what days in the cycle were these taken?. Blood tests for irregular cycles need to be done on the "correct" days. Did you for instance have a day 3 test done to compare your LH level against your FSH level?.

Spotting between periods is certainly a not unknown problem and can be due to not enough or a fall in progesterone levels. What you need is a diagnosis first and foremost but irregular periods generally are due to hormonal imbalances ( as well as polycystic ovaries problems with the thyroid gland can be another cause). This can be treated. Adult onset acne as well can be due to polycystic ovaries. Have they advised you when the ultrasound scan will take place?.

I think you could well do with speaking to your GP regarding your health anxiety re your dad's family; it is not an unknown problem at all and it is becoming a problem because it seems to be taking over your day to day life. Do not let this overtake you.

Eleast Thu 19-Oct-17 21:26:10

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I don’t know what they tested for exactly I remember she mentioned testosterone and thyroid. But the receptionist just said it was all normal. I think I was day 6, I finished my period on the Tuesday, she did the cervical swabs on Thursday and had the bloods taken the following Monday. I didn’t know it was meant to be done on a set day. She just said she’s referred me for a scan she didn’t say how long it would be.

Well I only used to get one spot before my period when I was on the pill, in fact having a breakout is how I knew I was pregnant with my eldest because I just don’t get spots. And they are all on my chin nowhere else. I had spotting about 8 years ago when I was logynon and it was cervical erosion and they changed me to Yasmin and it stopped. I wouldn’t be as worried but not being on the pill makes me think something is out of whack in my body.
I know I need to seek help for my anxiety, trust me this is the tip of it. Every night I am terrified someone will break in and kill me and DH and no one will find out for hours if not days and my babies will be stuck in their rooms with no food or clean nappies and no idea what’s going on. I know that’s not normal to worry about that every night yet it keeps me awake. I have ocd and the night time is the worse my fears flourish in the dark.

Eleast Wed 25-Oct-17 12:31:44

Anyone else with any advice stories? My scan is on Tuesday. Ovarian cancer was in the papers today and I’m just so worried I won’t get to see my 3yr old and 1yr old grow up.

MajorClanger123 Wed 25-Oct-17 14:34:52

I’m obviously no expert but your symptoms do sound hormonal to me, particularly given you have 2 young kids - I have 3 and everything gynae seemed to start going wrong once I’d given birth & got a few yrs down the line!

Re your health worries, I can totally sympathise. I’m 38 & since around the age of 35 I’ve had 2 breast clinic visits, 2 internal vaginal scans, a camera up the bum, plus various other health investigations. All came back fine but I’m pretty sure I’m moving towards some sort of health anxiety - like you, the recent ovarian cancer symptoms campaign in the media has me lying awake at night worrying. I always, without fail, think the worst possible outcome to any health niggles, I’m obsessed with leaving my kids without a mother. I’ve even started to write a secret diary for them in case it happens. I haven’t told my DH (he would think me bonkers) but I can’t seem to relax anymore, I’m always on edge, trying to decipher whether my indigestion is just because I ate too much or something more sinister.

Sorry - long post but just wanted to say you’re not alone, plus it’s totally understandable to worry given your family history. I hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms flowers

PollyPerky Wed 25-Oct-17 14:50:58

Talk to your GP about treatment for your anxiety.

Ovarian cancer is almost unheard of in anyone under 40 or more like 50+. The odds are minute for you. Your GP would be able to feel a mass in your abdomen if she checked. It's 99.999999% unlikely you have any sort of cancer.

And as cancer affects 1:3 or 1: 2 people over their lifetime, all of us know someone in our family who had it.

Janel85 Wed 25-Oct-17 18:35:47

Hey, I have been exactly the same since having my second child. My periods last anywhere from 9-12 days, I’ve had scans they can’t see a reason for it, couldn’t see any endometriosis or any polysistic ovaries. I’ve also had spotting as well. Initially after stopping breastfeeding about grew months after giving birth my thyroid started attacking itself and they thought that was he reason for my long periods but that resolved and the periods stayed. I had hormone tests (not every kind Just a few) and they could t find anything wrong either. Keep on at docs if you’re worried. I also have health anxiety so sending you a hug. Xxx

Eleast Wed 25-Oct-17 19:43:36

I’m obsessed with leaving my kids without a mother. I’ve even started to write a secret diary for them in case it happens.

Majorclanger I have done the same thing. I decided to do it as a way of dealing with the fear of leaving them. Before I had my youngest I wrote them both a letter (I was terrified of dying in labour) and then I started a journal for each of them. Including milestones and my hopes for them and what they are like as toddlers. It’s morbid but it gives me a tiny bit of comfort knowing they will have them when they grow up if I’m not here. My husband knows and just said if it helps me it’s worth it.

I have my scan booked in Tuesday and just realised I’m probably going to be due on though I don’t know for sure anymore. I really hope that you are right and it’s hormonal. Thanks so much for understanding

Eleast Wed 25-Oct-17 19:50:04

I do try to think like that pollyperky but the fact is it does happen in under 40s and I don’t think it’s as a rare as we think.

The reason I mentioned my family history is I know the whole 1 in 3 statistic (it always makes me think when not if) but basically my dads mom, sister, grandmother and nearly every one of his moms sisters died of cancer. All had breast cancer and although my aunt survived that she sadly lost the battle to bone cancer a few years later. His dad also died of stomach cancer. So that terrifies me. His mom was only 50 when she died, he was 14.

Ahardyfool Wed 25-Oct-17 20:20:43

I’ve just posted in a similar vein. I am awaiting a pelvic/abdomen CT scan due to spotting and a positive d-dimer test and am currently sat on sofa with a DVT in my calf. My dad died of pancreatic cancer 3 years ago and one of his symptoms was DVT and all I can think of is my 4 children and how much they rely on me. If I had known of this absolute fear of leaving one’s children I seriously think I may have thought twice about having them.

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