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Itchy ridges/bumps around vaginal opening

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KinkyFinkelstein Thu 08-Jun-17 13:18:25

Have NCd for this.

I've got terrible itching around my nethers, and it seems to be focused on some tiny hard sort of ridges tucked inside the little mini flaps of skin that sit directly around my vaginal opening. I had a 2nd-degree tear after birth 4 years ago that healed without stitches and one of the weird bits left from that is also always itchy. No redness, the ridges are skin coloured and not white or anything, no weird discharge, but I've always had quite a bit of discharge so I don't know if I'd notice anyway. Seems to flare more after my period.

I've tried thrush tablets, with cream and pessary etc, I don't wash with soap or shave there. Been checked for STIs and nothing (only been with DH for last 7 years anyway). Having to use vagisil 6 times a day currently.

Anyone had similar and what was it? Google is telling me nothing!

PollyPerky Thu 08-Jun-17 13:52:01

How old are you? If you are 40+ it could be falling estrogen levels that can cause itching.

I think your GP ought to refer you to a gynae who specialises in vulval conditions. It could be something like vestibulitis, or vulvodynia. The treatment can be steroid creams or estrogen creams.

KinkyFinkelstein Thu 08-Jun-17 14:19:33

I'm 37 - had my levels checked recently and they were ok, although I had IVF due to extremely low AMH in my early thirties so I've never been convinced my hormones are particularly balanced...

I did look at the symptoms for the two things you mention but they didn't seem to match up

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