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Threadworms are back

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Runninglife Wed 24-May-17 11:31:26

I noticed a threadworm at the start of February this year and so I took the medicine twice, two weeks apart and cleaned obsessively every day but they seem to have come back!

For a week I've felt wriggling down there. I went to the docs and she said to treat again. But if it didn't work last time I don't see how it'll work this time - I couldn't clean or wash my hands more if I tried!

I'm feeling quite worried as I don't want this to come back every few months - I want to get rid of it for good!

I don't have any children - I think it came into our house due to a visitor who stayed with us for a couple of months.

Does anyone have any advice as I really don't want to be in the position of treating this a 3rd time! sad

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