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my docs said i dont have a water infection but it feels like i have....

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biglips Fri 19-May-17 22:01:03

I've has water infections all my life. So I know the signs but gone worse since I've had my 3rd child nearly 5 yrs ago. Last year, I went to hospital for a ultra sound scan, nothing there but they gave me low dosage of antibiotics for a year to shift a stubborn infection. 6 mths later, it not improving at all.

I gave my docs a wee sample which it sent off to the lab but came back clear.

My wee is burning 9/10. I drink alot of juice, I'm on and off the loo too much, wee is dark, cloudy, strong & stinky. I'm so tired and I go to the loo bout 4 times thru the night but not every night but I'm still tired.

There was a weird time when I was arguing with my teenager dd and suddenly a burning feel came on in my bladder area and i had burning wee straight away.

I'm so fed up!!

Tanfastic Sun 21-May-17 12:26:15

Has anyone mentioned interstitial cystitis?

reallyanotherone Sun 21-May-17 12:32:48

I would say cut out the juice.

My kids can't have juice or too much fruit as it produces the symptoms you describe. The urine starts to burn the delicate skin and mimic a uti.

Switch to water, and drink a lot. If your irine is dark it's too concentrated, and you're dehydrated. Drink water until the urine is pale yellow.

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