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Is this a common pain or not?

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user1495199313 Fri 19-May-17 14:25:38

Hello, I'm seeking advice as to whether a pain I've been getting is something that is quite common or whether I'm right to worry about it. When I bend over to get something off the floor quite often I get a painful pulsating type sensation at the base of my skull where my head meets my neck. It lasts only seconds but is very disconcerting. I have had this for months. This week I have also been suffering with a fuzzy head type feeling, almost like a very faint tingling sensation, The fuzzy head and dizzyness has come at the same time as me stopping drinking coffee (I usually drink 3-4 cups a day) so that could well be down to that, but I have had the pain bending over well before this. I stopped drinking coffee because I was having chest pain and episodes of pre-high blood pressure (i.e.- 137/88) other times throughout the day it has been normal and even low. I bought a home monitor because I was worried about these episodes of chest tightness and sort of wooziness I was getting. I've come to the conclusion now that it is probably down to anxiety, I read that drinking coffee can make anxiety worse so hence I decided to try giving it up to see if that improved my anxiety levels. Basically I'm always worrying about something to do with my health since i had my second child (who is now 2). When I was pregnant with ds I had gestational diabetes, then after he was born I had a thyroid problem that played havoc with my periods, as well as iron and vitamin d deficiencies which made me feel extremely run down. This sort of provoked increased worrying about my health and since then I feel like I'm launching from one worry to the next. I'm posting on here as I'd like to know if it's a common pain, I feel like the gp surgery has been my second home for the last two years!

Empireoftheclouds Fri 19-May-17 14:31:15

It doesn't matter if it's common or not. It is not normal, see your GP

BrexitSucks Sat 20-May-17 10:26:43

Ah come on, OP obviously has health anxiety.

Sometimes I get pain at back of my head (& dizziness) when I get up quickly or lean forward due to low blood pressure (due to not doing much the rest of the day). It goes away quickly by itself & doesn't mean anything. This has happened all my life.

I get it a lot less if I go out & get daily aerobic exercise & am generally active.

Lulujk85 Sat 20-May-17 20:46:23

Thanks for your replies, I definitely do have health anxiety, it makes it very hard to know when I'm worrying unecessarily or not. I would be interested to know if anybody else gets this pain and what triggers it. I'm wondering if mild dehydration could be a trigger?

BrexitSucks Sun 21-May-17 08:49:54

I seem to recall that mild dehydration does funny things to blood pressure, that could be true. I had a funny spell in pregnancy that I blamed on dehydration.

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