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Kick me a*** into gear please!

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maltedmilk1 Wed 17-May-17 18:35:08

Just needing a swift kick up the bum basically...desperately need to lose weight to prevent myself from being a miserable git forever.

I am probably a stone and a half over weight since having my daughter two years ago and was happy with myself before.

I am very unhappy with my body now, I am probably a size 12 when I was a size 8-10 before hand and I can just feel my body can't cope with the weight I am carrying around with me, I feel sluggish constantly and I am always hungry.

I look in the mirror and literally feel disgusted with myself, I don't feel happy with anything and it's started to impact everyday life, my relationship and I just feel obsessed with weight and everything related to it.

I have tried to exercise (I used to run) but it's lasted about two weeks then something gets in the way (usually to do with child care) then that's it. I have also tried calorie counting I don't ever stick to it and I am now trying to cut out carbs in the evening. I am quite a busy active person, I walk everywhere I feel I'm never sitting down, I work in an active role as well. I also cook varied, balanced meals 6/7 nights a week and don't eat out much or have takeaways.

Anyway I just don't know what to do. I just don't want to be this way anymore, I know it's all about eating right and a bit of exercise but I'm just at a brick wall hating myself. If I don't see the benefit of weight loss I feel it really impacts my determination to carry on.

I measured my waist tonight and basically it's 9cm over what it should be so now I'm feeling shit again!

Someone please tell me something to get me motivated...

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