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Neck/throat 'clicky' lump

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caremummy Sun 30-Apr-17 23:30:32

Sorry for how strange this is going to sound.
I've just realised i have a weird rock hard lump which is quite small and moves and makes a weird clicking kind of sound. I don't know about going to the docs cos its quite hard to find - but at the same time its bugging me. Im hypothyroid but the lump things a bit further up than that. Any ideas appreciated?x

MichaelSheensNextDW Sun 30-Apr-17 23:34:18

Could you be feeling your hyoid?

caremummy Sun 30-Apr-17 23:40:20

Thanks for replying, i could be. I've just not noticed it before (goitre risk so supposed to check) and its further down than the hyoid appears to be. However, i am only 5'1 so it could be.x

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