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Hairloss whats normal (pic included)

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VLCos Wed 26-Apr-17 10:20:20

Hello just after both my pregnancies I lost a lot of hair. My son is 2 now and it had stopped about 8 months ago.
But recently I have started to lose some again. This pic is this morning . It's usually a bit less or about this. Is this normal ? My hair is mid length and very thick and gets tangled a lot

EllenRipley Wed 26-Apr-17 17:33:23

I notice a lot of hair loss these days when I'm washing my hair which I put down to the fact I have it tied up a lot (and also probably my age!). It doesn't make much difference to how my hair looks as it's very thick. Your wee clump doesn't look particularly abnormal but if it is for you and if you think your hair might be thinning I'd suggest getting your ferritin levels tested - low iron reserves are known to cause hair loss. It's possible your are still a bit low after pregnancy/birth? X

VLCos Wed 26-Apr-17 17:43:16

EllenRipley thank you for your reply. My ferritin levels are 14 I am in the process of trying to get them up ! I didn't know this was a side effect thank you !

TheWeevilincidentof2009 Wed 26-Apr-17 20:14:43

Oh god that's nothing! Perfectly normal to lose 100 hairs per day.

If you're worried then you could get iron/thyroid checked but your photo looks like normal daily hairloss.

VLCos Wed 26-Apr-17 20:27:04

Ah thank you ! Iron is low a moment

EllenRipley Wed 26-Apr-17 23:16:44

Ooh that is low! Should be at least 70 for a woman... think I read you need to get it about 50 to prevent hair loss and 70ish for regrowth. Mine always hovers around 40 with supplements. Good luck getting your levels up, im sure you'll notice a difference! X

VLCos Thu 27-Apr-17 07:42:58

Aw thank you. Hard work getting it up isn't it. When I was pregnant I had a iron transfusion made me feel great ha. Makes me so tired when this low to x

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