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Long term antibiotics/acne/IBS

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Kikikaakaa Tue 11-Apr-17 22:29:21

I am taking lymecycline for acne, late 30's now for about 6 months. GP keeps issuing repeat and did not advise me to return? Acne is probably 80% improved. I have had acne for over 20 years and nothing else works. I've tried roaccuatne but acne returned worse than before after a few years. I have it on my back as well which is now the main area which is still a problem.

I am too anxious to stop taking anti-b, but don't know how long I ought to take it for my health?

I've had IBS for years, due to excessive antibiotic use for skin and also 2 serious infections in the past 5 years which needed metronidazole (the most evil of them all). IBS is not at its worst but also not great.

My GP's just seem to fob me off about this issue really. I don't know what to do for the best? How badly will they affect my health long term?

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