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Chest pain - what could it be?

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Redrosesandwhitedaisys Mon 10-Apr-17 07:05:12

Randomly woke up in agony at 4am with a sharp chest pain under my left boob. It hurt so much and I could barely breathe. I took rennies and asprin and tried to go back to sleep but it was so painful and I couldn't get my breath under it so eventually I went to a and e where they did an ecg and triage and everything was fine. They took bloods and I've dischRged myself home to get some sleep and they said they'd call if anything showed on bloods.

Anyone any idea what it could have been? Pain lasted about an hour. I had chest pains some random evenings a few months back in the evenings that came and went quickly (10 mins or so) but we assumed this was indigestion. Tonight's pain was much more painful.

Im 2/3 stone overweight and very run down etc. I had blood tests done recently for constant exhaustion that showed I was a little anemic and low in vitamin d which I've just started taking tablets for. I do carry most of my weight around my tummy but I think that's just stress and mummy tummy.

flumpybear Mon 10-Apr-17 07:11:40

Anxiety? Are you being tested for heart problems (don't panic - just should mention as it's chest pain!)
If you're stressed though it could be anxiety

Redrosesandwhitedaisys Mon 10-Apr-17 07:16:13

I wondered Anxiety as I am quite stressed but I'd been asleep for 3/4 hours surely you can't get anxiety in your sleep?!

Dr didn't think it was my heart as ecg fine and my bp etc fine. He also said bloods would show anything major heart related and they haven't called yet so I'm assuming it's ok.

I had wondered if I'd got fibroids as my stomach is so round - but then again I can't see how that would cause random on off chest pain!

purplecoathanger Mon 10-Apr-17 07:19:16

See your GP but I think it sounds like acid reflux. Left sided pain in the night is a classic symptom.

Taking aspirin is the last thing you should do, if it is, as aspirin/ibuprofen are known irritants.

There are much better drugs available to control it OTC, such as Nexium and Zantac but your GP can discuss your symptoms with you and perhaps prescribe something.

If it is reflux there are lots of lifestyle changes you can make to help.

I hope you feel better soon flowers

ohidoliketobebesidethecoast Mon 10-Apr-17 07:23:26

There is also a thing called an intercostal stitch, which is a sharp pain between ribs. I get it occasionally, and my doc said she did too, and sympathised. If it's this, its really annoying but harmless (and goes away on its own, in its own time).

Redrosesandwhitedaisys Mon 10-Apr-17 07:26:19

Thanks all.

Can you get reflux some hours after you've eaten as well? I had dinner at 7pm and woke with the pain at 4am,., I also hadn't had any pains for a couple of months.

I took aspirin as I thought I might be having a heart attack blush and it's what you are supposed to do to thin the blood.

Redrosesandwhitedaisys Mon 10-Apr-17 07:27:05

I'll google intercostal stitch thanks

squishee Mon 10-Apr-17 07:32:47

Was it more painful when breathing in, OP?

bugattiveyron Mon 10-Apr-17 07:42:32

You can get anxiety when asleep, my Ds wakes up having panic attacks 😢

ohidoliketobebesidethecoast Mon 10-Apr-17 07:54:25

I think they can usually see the signs even after pain stops for minor heart attacks, so that may mean its unlikely to be that, or they'd have seen something? But I'm not and expert, GP sounds a good plan.

KittiKat Mon 10-Apr-17 07:58:36

I thought I was having a heart attack, it turned out to be gallstones.

nearlyfinishednearlystarted Mon 10-Apr-17 08:15:36

Gallstones? Or gallbladder problems?

Redrosesandwhitedaisys Mon 10-Apr-17 08:20:19

I couldn't take a deep breath but it was more constant that coming with every breath.
I'll go to GP I think! Thanks all

NotTheBelleoftheBall Mon 10-Apr-17 08:52:04

Look up costochondritis - I had stabbing chest pain (like knitting needles through my ribs) and that's what it turned out to be.

But - don't ignore it or rely entirely on self diagnosis, chest pains should always be investigated until you know what's-what.

Fairylea Mon 10-Apr-17 08:56:44

I had an ecg for what I thought was a heart attack recently - I am 36 and fit and healthy, my doctors clearly thought I was being a bit silly but they did all the tests just incase. Turns out I have a frozen shoulder! Sometimes the pain can be felt along the left hand side of the chest and jaw and is often mistaken for a heart problem. The pain woke me up in the night. Strangely enough my shoulder itself wasn't too painful. Chest pain is scary but there are lots of things it could be.

Redrosesandwhitedaisys Mon 10-Apr-17 11:03:52

Thanks yes I'm only 35 but a family member died from familial cholesterol heart attack at 36 - a condition I was tested for as a child and I believe I don't have.
It was so painful! But gone now so can't have been anything too serious else i suspect that would stay around.

Fluffy40 Mon 10-Apr-17 11:44:25

Not the belle, I was thinking the same, very painful but basically clears up by itself.

MichaelSheensNextDW Mon 10-Apr-17 12:13:13

Gastritis? Anyway, do see the GP and get that bloating/distension investigated.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:35:07

You absolutely CAN have anxiety attacks during sleep

NavyandWhite Wed 19-Apr-17 14:19:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

loverlybunchofcoconuts Wed 19-Apr-17 18:21:58

Have you had any luck with finding out the cause OP?

Sunshineandlaughter Thu 20-Apr-17 00:16:35

Thanks no to my shame I've been busy over Easter and not booked GP appointment yet. I will go this week!

LadyB49 Thu 20-Apr-17 00:22:48

Twice I had chest pain that ended up with me being taken to A & E. All the tests,were negative. Turned out to be gastritis and medication has sorted it.

She was taken off in an ambulance with suspected heart attack. All tests were clear. Further tests showed multiple gall stones and he is awaiting surgery.

Shosha1 Thu 20-Apr-17 00:44:06

Costochoderitis. I've now had it for two years ( also have Lupus and Fibromyalgia which is causing it )

Pain is horrendous, started off just occasionally. Had ECG done 4 times, camera down into my stomach, blood tests all sorts of tests, all came back negative.

Finally collapsed with the pain and was diagnosed.

So so painful

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