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Post wisdom tooth extraction: Please help me keep my clot!

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SorrelSoup Tue 07-Mar-17 07:23:59

Hi, I had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday. It's been ok. A clot is definitely there. The thing is with my previous 2 extractions I've had dry socket which was obviously horrendous and caused me to lose 2 weeks of my life each time. So, how do I hold on to this clot? How precarious is it? I'm scared to move in case I dislodge it. I also have a bad cold and am trying to be careful with coughing. I'm basically a ball of anxiety. Any tips?

SorrelSoup Tue 07-Mar-17 18:52:55

Survived 24 hours with clot in! Woo hoo!

BhajiAllTheWay Tue 07-Mar-17 21:40:23

Dont blow your nose.!.the change in pressure can dislodge the clot. No smoking or drinking through straws. Salt water gentle rinses and try to sleep with head slightly elevated. Eat on the other side. Hopefully youll be ok. Sometimes though it can just happen despite all these precautions if the blood supply isnt great as is often the case on lower teeth or if the extraction was particularly difficult. At least if you had it previously then you recognise the signs ( pain and more pain!) And can go back to your dentist asap if you feel a dry socket rearing its ugly head . Good luck.

SorrelSoup Wed 08-Mar-17 05:16:22

Thanks for the message! Let's see if I can manage another day. I lived on milkshakes yesterday and a bit of mash. I'm craving real food.

Littlelostdinosaur Wed 08-Mar-17 06:00:21

Inhad dry socket last year and it was awful, I would be worried too! So pleased you've kept hold of it. No advice but hope it heals. I was so jealous of people telling me they had all four out and no problems! Mine took an hour to extract then the hell of dry socket followed.
Speedy recovery to you!

SorrelSoup Wed 08-Mar-17 06:24:29

Thank you. Every day is a bonus. I only had dry socket last month so am not keen to repeat it. I know, if I had all four out at once I'd have 4 dry sockets!

cliffdiver Wed 08-Mar-17 06:27:22

Follow all the advise given to you above and from the hospital.

Try adding avocado / sour cream / cheese to mask to make it more interesting?

I had a wisdom tooth extraction 18 days ago and because I got dry socket it's still not healed and is painful most days.

Keeping fingers crossed for you!

SorrelSoup Wed 08-Mar-17 06:31:30

Oh no Cliff, I'd have thought that even with dry socket your pain should be gone now. Was it a difficult extraction? I can't feel my dry socket from last month thankfully!! Yes need some different food for today.

cliffdiver Wed 08-Mar-17 10:22:20

I was probably exaggerating when I said 'painful', more of a dull ache / pulling sensation.

Foods I would eat whilst recovering were: Super Noodles, scrambled egg, tomato soup, cod fillets, broccoli, loads of Smash blush.

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