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Any dentists around?

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31weeksgone Tue 28-Feb-17 18:55:16

Hello all,

Just wondering if any dentists around to tell me what this lump is on my gum? The tooth it's next too has a very deep filling in.

The lump doesn't hurt if touched, only if pushed very hard.

Not sure what to do about it, I can't tell it's there really, doesn't hurt or make a difference just a bit like a pimple?

You can see it just by my finger. Young woman in my early twenties, not unhealthy?

KittiKat Tue 28-Feb-17 18:59:37

Goggle canker sore. Not harmful. smile

31weeksgone Tue 28-Feb-17 19:14:44

Oo it's not an ulcer or a cold sore, should of specified that. I get ulcers quite a lot but this a sort of hard lump?

highinthesky Tue 28-Feb-17 19:16:22

Gums can harden and change colour around a tooth that has been filled / removed.

Mrsmorton Tue 28-Feb-17 19:23:21

Could be a sinus linked to the tooth with the big filling which may have died. this kind of explains it but you need to see your dentist. If it's not painful now, it might be painful in the future and also even if it's not painful in the future, chronic infection isn't great for you.
Get it checked out.

bonzo77 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:23:41

Dentist. Lying in a hospital bed so apologies for brevity/ lack of bedside manners. Cannot tell much as your pic too dark / zoomed out. Cannot be sure without X-ray. No idea what a canker sore is. Has the tooth got a filling in it?

Mrsmorton Tue 28-Feb-17 19:32:56

bonzo hope you're ok! Get back on your feet soon.

31weeksgone Tue 28-Feb-17 19:36:21

Thanks for all taking the time to write replies (especially you bonzo, hope you feel better soon!), I've googled and a canker sore just means ulcer, it's not an ulcer. Also that tooth is filled, but not root canal just a normal filling. I will have to make a dentist appointment then, thank you flowers

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