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eye freckle concerned

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lorree12 Sat 25-Feb-17 04:13:47


I am concerned because i went to my annual eye check up and was told I have a freckle in the back of one of my eyes, they are not to concerned i just have to be monitored that it does not change, I did the stupid thing of fishing around on the internet and now i'm so anxious! anyone heard of this and should i worry???

ClinkyMonkey Sat 25-Feb-17 05:51:26

Hi, I have a freckle at the back of my eyeball too. My optician was very reassuring and said that these things were being picked up now because of improved technology and that, provided they are small and flat with smooth edges (as mine was), they are generally nothing to worry about. That did not stop him referring me to an ophthalmologist, which caused me quite a lot of anxiety. It took a year to receive an appointment, during which time I googled and drove myself mad! Anyway, after further investigation, I was told there was nothing to worry about. I mentioned it to my brother afterwards (he lives at a distance from me and we only chat now and then) and he told me he had a freckle too, but that his optician had said there was no need to do anything other than monitor it. He was completely unfazed by it. In hindsight I wish my optician hadn't referred me as I am a worrier, but I imagine he was just being thorough.

Sorry for rambling! Hope this provides some reassurance.

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