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Anyone on Concerta?

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Hi, I've just started Concerta and I'm wondering if anyone else is taking it and what side effects to expect? The one that makes me nervous is the insomnia.

RupertsMum2 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:11:11

Ds1 (21) takes it. He has done since he was 9 or 10. He now takes 36mg a day but has been up to 54mg previously. He takes it first thing in the morning and doesn't have insomnia. It affects his appetite but not hugely now. He has very few side effects really. He finds it very effective.

That's good to hear Ruperts, I'm glad to hear he finds it effective smile I was warned about insomnia and appetite, it's good to hear that he doesn't have too many side effects. Thank you for replying smile

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