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Rhythmic crying, like uh uh UUURRGGGHH

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richiarata Mon 06-Feb-17 23:08:34

HI, I'm asking about a newborn, she woke up with this weird crying a bit like something's stuck in her throat? Thanks!

GertrudeBelle Mon 06-Feb-17 23:16:28

Sounds a bit like tiredness to me. Sometimes when they get into a loop I think it helps them wind down.

richiarata Mon 06-Feb-17 23:19:04

Thanks. I've asked around and it doesn't seem to be a cause for alarm. Plus now she's eating with gusto. Hopefully juat hunger.

savagehk Mon 06-Feb-17 23:21:31

Newborns make an alarming range of sounds.... noisy sleepers too.
Re crying - my solution to any whinge was to feed!

richiarata Tue 07-Feb-17 08:49:05

Slept through most of the night, was no cause for alarm. Honestly, the amount of times we've nearly taken her to hospital this week for something absolutely normal, they would have laughed their bleedin' masks off and quite rightly so :-).

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