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Advice plz

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Alicejj8x Mon 06-Feb-17 19:50:47

Don't know if this thread belongs with this post but il post it anyway.. jist want some general advice please

Me and my other half have been ttc for a while now!.. I had a MMC last march and since then my periods have been about every 3 months!
I've had blood tests for hormones and recently a ultra sound and it all come back normal and they couldn't see anything wrong
Since the last AF in dec I've been checking ovulation and haven't ry had what is classed as a positive.
I have done pregnancy tests and still all negative. I rang the doctors last Wednesday and he said to give it a week re test Wednesday before appointment and then come in This Wednesday. Now I don't know how many more appointments I can go to without going crazy and just screaming out of frustration for them to give me something to help my periods

Can anyone give me any advice please

sadie9 Mon 06-Feb-17 19:59:06

Don't have any medical advice for you, but when I was TTC with irregular periods what helped was going for a brisk walk each day, about 30 mins - whereas before I hadn't been taking any exercise. It seemed to make my periods more regular for some reason.
Hopefully the doctor can help you. They are reluctant to help until you've been trying for a while yourselves. Especially if you are young they like you to try for a year before they offer any medication, that was what I was told a good few years ago now.

Alicejj8x Mon 06-Feb-17 20:09:32

Oh okay I haven't thought about a walk! Maybe I shall try that!
We have been trying since April last year after the miscarriage. It's just getting me down now sad
If my period was on time but I wasn't getting pregnant I think I wouldn't feel as down as atleast I knew I was having a regular period and can try each month but with them being so irregular it's hard to plan for dtd isn't it!
I will hope Wednesday they can give me something or atleast help in some way
Thankyou for your reply xx

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