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Eye refraction clinic, anybody know about the eye drops?

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macwoozy Mon 26-Feb-07 23:33:07

Oh 'eck, I've only just looked at my ds's instructions for eye drops that I've got to put into his eyes for his refraction clinic appt tomorrow and realised that I've made a bit of a cock-up, and I'm now contemplating on whether to cancel.

Not only has he been given the eye drops that dilute the pupils, but also noticed that he's also been given some eye drops with the instructions that he takes it first. It's called Proxymetacaine and after reading up it's an anaesthetic, but I have no idea how quick it takes effect, anybody have any idea how much time I should leave it to put in the other drops? I'm sure he wasn't given this last time he had this test.

Also, and now I feel embarrased, it states clearly that both eye drops need to have been kept in the fridge, but after the appt I just kept it in a 'safe place' and didn't give it another thought. Anybody know why it needs to be kept in the fridge? Should I not give it now, it's totally sealed up.

Typically I've left it all to the last minute.

mummytosteven Tue 27-Feb-07 00:11:32

Not sure, as when DS had the refraction done last year, they put the drops in for us, and we waited 30-40 minutes in the waiting room (which had loads of kids toys and a slide, wonderfully) till they took effect. So if you don't get a satisfactory answer to your q, I would call up early as you can tomorrow morning and explain what's happened, rather than cancel, in case you can just go in earlier and get them to put the drops in.

macwoozy Tue 27-Feb-07 09:07:41

They'd have a fight on their hands if they tried to put in the eye drops, I've got dp coming home from work just to help me. Trying to get through to the hospital now.

bigcar Tue 27-Feb-07 09:15:51

Our eye unit do it there, then you wait 30 - 40 mins. Maybe if you ask they will do it for you. Dont cancel, you may have to wait ages for a new appointment!

Sugarmagnolia Tue 27-Feb-07 10:22:42

You could also try checking with your local pharmacist about the fridge question. They should be able to give you a definite answer.

macwoozy Tue 27-Feb-07 23:59:40

Thanks, I didn't cancel in the end, managed to get through to the hospital and it wasn't such a problem with the eye drops not being in the fridge. What a struggle though, he was screaming so loud, don't want to do that again in a hurry, poor little lad.

astronomer Wed 28-Feb-07 09:27:53

The fridge thing is not about sterility and bacterial/fungal growth, it can be about chemical stability. Chemical reactions take place faster at high temperature.

Many eye drops are stored in fridge until patient gets them and then can be kept out while being use (same thing for most insulins) as you don't want to put drops at 4 degrees centigrade in your eye

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