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Fortnightly bleeding?

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frazzled3ds Thu 02-Feb-17 09:56:44

Has anyone else experienced this? Up until about 3 months ago I was having regular, if heavy, periods and had done for some time (the heaviness is partly contributed to by using a copper coil). For the last couple of months however I now seem to be bleeding fortnightly - the usual period still rocks up and lasts for between 7 - 9 days as it always does, but I'm then getting another bleed a couple of weeks later that lasts between 2 and 4 days or so. I mentioned this to the doctor when I was there at the start of January, and it was attributed to stress. I have recently been discharged from the colposcopy clinic and put back on to 3 yearly smear tests. Is it possible that this is all still stress related (still got a fair bit going on!) or should I go and see the GP again? Thanks!

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