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Rubella - Incubation info etc please

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My friend's DD has german measles (found out today/yesterday)... we were with her last Friday and Saturday.

Was she contagious then, and should I be concerned? (DS not quite one so no mmr)


"A person who has rubella is highly infectious from one week before the rash appears to about four or five days afterwards. Children with rubella should be kept away from other children for the whole time they are infectious." - NHS direct

Looks like I'll find out in 2-3 weeks

DeputyMacDawg Thu 22-Feb-07 11:07:49

Rubella info here

Ok.. next question - "early pregnancy" complications... I don't remember - does it ever become less risky?

(Meant to be seeing 20wk pregnant friend of friend..

Sorry - i didn't say thank you - how rude

DeputyMacDawg Thu 22-Feb-07 11:25:49

I've had a quick Google search, but not a lot of accessible info there.
Can your friend phone her community midwife/GP/HV and check with them.
Better safe than sorry IMHO.

Have you noticed we're popping up on the same threads

I did do a double take!

I'm best of avoiding her I think

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