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What should I do? NHS 111 no help

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user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:29:16


I lost all my meds in a taxi on Friday have been phoning NHS 111 since then trying to get an emergency prescription to tide me over.

I have severe asthma that requires 4 inhalers and also anaphylaxis.

Spoke to an out of hours GP and she went your not sure of the brand name and the generic name is not in my formulary I cant do it so can you wait until Tuesday to get it from your GP.

She gave me an Epipen but the pharmacy is shut and I have been having small allergic reactions all day what do I do?

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:30:04

I told the GP all the generic names of the medication and dosages but she was unwilling to do it cos I could not say what brand I used

cantthinkofabloodyname Mon 02-Jan-17 01:44:05

What is the medication that you can't remember the brand name for?

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:45:51

Formoterol, I know the brand names of the other inhalers and could describe what it looked like to her

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:47:15

I take Formoterol, Budesonide, Ipratropium and Terbutaline with antihistamines for my asthma

cantthinkofabloodyname Mon 02-Jan-17 01:47:19

Asthma ones can be:
Ventolin (blue)
Serevent (green)
Clenil Modulite (brown)
Singular (montelukast tablets)

Those are the ones I know of.
Adrenaline injectors could be the brand name Jext

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:49:07

Yeah, I know that there is a lot of inhalers out there but I gave her the generic names of the medication so brand should not matter

cantthinkofabloodyname Mon 02-Jan-17 01:51:49

I have found this with a list of brand names if it helps

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:53:40

Thanks but she said no to prescribing any of them so I doubt if I wait in excess of 6 hours now I am going to have any luck with the out of hours I am more concerned what happens if I have an asthma attack or an allergic reaction where I cant get to a phone

Littleballerina Mon 02-Jan-17 01:57:52

Is it Foradil aerolizer? ring any bells?

Angela56 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:58:17

does your local hospital have a pharmacy ?

passthewineplz Mon 02-Jan-17 02:02:33

The problem might be because it can be a combination inhailer. Doesn't the Gp who you spoke to have access to your patient record?

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 02:04:01

no just googled it and dose not look like mine but i just googled and found my one

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 02:04:26

no the pharmacy is shut

passthewineplz Mon 02-Jan-17 02:11:26

Did you tell the Gp that you were having allergic reactions? And that you're worried?

I'd perhaps call your local a&e department and explain the last time you had your medication and that your worried, and aww if they can suggest something

user1483318455 Mon 02-Jan-17 02:13:31

Yes, I said during the day been getting hives and my breathing has become worse, was begging at on point on the phone for an epipen and inhalers

I will phone them now and see what they say

passthewineplz Mon 02-Jan-17 02:18:32

Hope they can help. Otherwise you could try contacting the pharmacy you usually collect your prescriptions from in the morning, as they should be able to give you a emergency supply

RoseDore Mon 02-Jan-17 21:19:12

You can get an emergency inhaler at any pharmacy. I got some Ventolin at Boots the other day as I'd gone out with out it and the pollution was affecting my breathing. You pay as for a private prescription.

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