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Varicose Veins and Thread veins

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magicfarawaytree Sat 17-Feb-07 23:59:48

I have a large number of spider veins and a couple of varicose veins on my legs that I would like to have treated or removed. has anyone had good / bad experiences of treatments of the above. I have pigmented skin and understand that lazer treatment is not suitable for me. Also has any one tried the creams that are available? many thanks

MusicLover Sun 18-Feb-07 00:33:25

I had my varicose veins removed in 1998, I was only 25 & I have never looked back since.
I had them from being an early age, around 16/17 If I remember right.

I was so self concious about them, esp with being so young too.

I dont mind admitting, that it was rather uncomfortable to have it done, but they have never returned, thankfully.

I have to say they were quite bad, they were around the back of my knee & down the back of my calf muscle, so never used to where skirts or shorts because of them.

I would recommend to have them done to anyone, but I have developed kind of thread veins where the varicose veins were, but they dont show half as bad.

Have you seen the DR about them?
If not, get yourself down there, because there may be a waiting list.

NorksBrideOHara Sun 18-Feb-07 00:33:47

Bump. Because I want to know too!

NorksBrideOHara Sun 18-Feb-07 00:34:56

Sorry x-post! Thanks ML.

MusicLover Sun 18-Feb-07 00:58:24

I know there are different ways to have veins removed & would just like to add that I had mine stripped out. I was cut in the groin area & had very small niks just below my inner knee.
The bruising was all colours of the rainbow, but I suffered bad pain in them prior to having them done, so the pain having them removed was well worth it.

Good Luck

magicfarawaytree Mon 19-Feb-07 00:51:40

thanks ml - did the dr refer you to have the veins removed? was it done on the nhs? many thanks

MusicLover Mon 19-Feb-07 16:08:10

Yes the DR refered me to have them done, & yes they were done on the NHS too.
Like I said before, its the best thing I did, as I am now not self concious of showing my legs off, WELL apart from the fact that they are like Footballers that is ..

So good luck & get yourself off the the DR's, really lay it on if you have to. Tell them you're in pain with them & they are restricting you from things in your life..blah blah

magicfarawaytree Tue 20-Feb-07 23:12:02

thanks ml - I do get pain in my legs and get quite a bit of cramping as well. never thought it could be down the to the varicose veins.

ScottishThistle Tue 20-Feb-07 23:16:53

I'm currently awaiting my vascular scan for a terrible vein though the consultant I saw was not convinced I'd be suitable for surgery as not sure my veins not working well!

I won't be happy if declined for op to be honest as I've put up with my pet snake & the pain for many years.

(wearer of support tights)

ScottishThistle Tue 20-Feb-07 23:19:06

I was also told the pain in my legs may not all be down to the vein & that the pain may not go after surgery!

I may just have got a very hard nosed Consultant however!

My Gran had hers done 3 times, legs like a road map!

magicfarawaytree Tue 20-Feb-07 23:24:27

i have an altlas on my legs. will see what the dr has to say. would definitely like to have it done - hopefully then I only have to pay to have the spider veins removed. how long is your waiting list scottishthistle?

ScottishThistle Tue 20-Feb-07 23:27:34

I waited 3mths for appointment with Consultant & she said if accepted for op after scan results prob another 3mth wait.

I'm going upto Scotland to have mine done though, don't know where you are...They also do laser in London which leaves no scarring & quicker recovery.

magicfarawaytree Tue 20-Feb-07 23:42:08

thanks scottish thistle - not a good candidate for laser because can only be used on white skin. Not a fantastic candidate for surgery either - have a tendency to keloid scar.

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