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Piriformis/ sciatic type pain but going up the shoulder also

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booox Mon 21-Nov-16 21:09:57

I'm seeing a physio but it often as through work insurance.

I have pigeon and clam exercises to do etc so that's fine.

However, I wanted to double check some things - is it normal to have the nerve pain shoot up to the neck as well as down the leg? Any other ideas?

I'm doing Pilates (machine) but actually quite a lot is aggravating it. I chatted to my teacher about it (plus class) and all agreed weak si (I know about) and piriformis (I'd suspected) but also sciatica. Physio has given the appropriate exercises but not mentioned these words.

I'm just wondering about going back sooner than planned.

Any other tips/ advice? I think I'm aggravating it by doing too vigorous exercise actually and might have some weak glutes.

I'm hypermobile so it's hard to stretch the bits that need stretching!

booox Mon 21-Nov-16 21:10:57

Sorry I'm also bloody short sighted and have posted in MH. Will get moved. blush

AnxiousCarer Mon 21-Nov-16 23:03:29


Yes its unusual for nerve pain to travel up the body, but you could have problems affecting nerves from your neck too possibly due to poor posture or compensation for pain in other areas.

Pilates should not cause pain or agrivate your sciatica, if it does you are likely doing the exercises wrong or the exercises are too difficult, discuss with your physio. When I had SIJ problems the physio (nhs) ran an exercise class specifically for these types of problems and also a physio led pilates class, moved onto general pilates at the gym after this. Another idea would be one to one pilates sessions rather than a class until you are stronger. I also found chiropracter very helpful.

booox Tue 22-Nov-16 09:37:46

Thanks anxious.

My teacher did do a roll down with me and it was ok but I can't on my own.

I'm going to keep up the pigeon and see if it releases something.

The pain does feel like it's coming from that joint (left si I think) and going up rather than neck and only when I roll down or bend. I.e. It's less and kept to that area with gentle bends, going higher and lower if more so.

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