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Tonsillitis when not pregnant and have stopped breastfeeding

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Thecreatch Sun 20-Nov-16 07:40:53

Hello! Really hoping someone can shed some light on the cause of this and what I might be able to do about it. I had my daughter in July 2014 and breastfed her for 8 months. After I stopped feeding I started getting tonsillitis about every 3 weeks for months. My GP would just prescribe antibiotics and told me they don't really take tonsils out anymore.

In June 2015, I got pregnant again and the tonsillitis instantly stopped. Last week I stopped breastfeeding my son and now have tonsillitis. I am convinced this is more than a coincidence or because I'm run down etc. I have found a couple of articles linking progesterone levels to sore throats and also wondering about postpartum thyroiditis, but nothing that really seems to describe what I have experienced.

I am of course going to the GP, but they have always been worse than useless (yes time to change GPs) and I suspect I will just be prescribed antibiotics, which I really don't want to be living on! Would love to go in armed with a credible explanation for what might be going on. Only other thing to mention is that I don't feel particularly unwell with the tonsillitis, just have white spots and very sore throat/achey neck. It has been diagnosed as tonsillitis though.

Thanks in advance, hope someone out there can help xxx

booox Mon 21-Nov-16 15:17:34

Thyroiditis is different, affects different anatomy.

Is it thrush? Have they swabbed?

Have you had vit D checked?

Thecreatch Tue 22-Nov-16 07:42:51

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. I knew the link to the thyroid was tenuous, just trying to work it out.
I've been to the GP, as predicted they have just given me antibiotics. I asked for them to swab but they wouldn't, I asked why and she basically said it wasn't worth it, because if it responds to antibiotics it is bacterial tonsillitis. Wasn't happy. No long term strategy discussed, but am going for some blood tests, vitamin D wasn't mentioned.
I think until it has happened lots more times they won't even entertain any other discussion. I've just had so many antibiotics over the last few years and there have been times when I've needed them and decided not to take them. I just don't know what to do for the best or if I've just got to put up with it. I know some people are just prone to tonsillitis, but this seems to me to have such an obvious link to whether I'm pregnant/breastfeeding or not.
Thanks again for your time xxx

booox Tue 22-Nov-16 12:14:55

I'm not sure that's the most usual policy confused I thought they we're trying not to hand out abs? But if it goes then it must be? Does it clear up?

I wonder if reposting a post asking about repeat tonsillitis might be a good idea as your title isn't totally clear about that - it's more the repeat bit.

You could also try taking a good probiotic regularly too, e.g. Biokult from boots as well as getting vit D checked.

PoloZolo Tue 22-Nov-16 23:12:21

They do take tonsils out, I think the criteria is if you have a certain amount of episodes over the course of a year.

Obviously finding the cause would be a lot better and save you painful surgery though - good luck and hope you get to the bottom of it

Thecreatch Wed 23-Nov-16 22:28:45

I guess the point of my title was not that I just wanted to share that I repeatedly get tonsillitis, if it was just that I would accept I was one of the unlucky ones, it's that it does seem to be a symptom of something else rather than a primary illness. It seems to be directly linked to whether I'm pregnant/breastfeeding or not and that's the bit I'm interested in. I didn't know quite how best to describe that and get in the key words - maybe you're right, I need to repost.
Antibiotics seems to be working so prob bacterial tonsillitis. Maybe my immune system is just knackered, I have had quite a few colds and getting allergies too recently. I'm so much healthier pregnant! I have some probiotics in the cupboard, will dig them out ha ha!
Got to wait to have blood tests after I have finished antibiotics. Will let you know if they reveal anything!
Thanks again for bothering to respond xxx

Thecreatch Thu 24-Nov-16 11:05:09

Just to add in case anyone else ever looks at this, I also came off the pill before getting pregnant first time and didn't go back on it inbetween children. There are some articles about getting sore throats before your period and I have just come on for the first time since giving birth.
I am intending to go back on the pill, so wondering if this will control my hormones better and stop the sore throats. Will keep you posted... X

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