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So tired all the time.

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CottonGrass Thu 27-Oct-16 17:16:43

I started a new job in the the summer which means I need to get up at 4.30am (5 if I'm desperate and don't shower) four days a week. On the fifth day I don't need to get up early, but don't finish work until 8 - 10pm. I'm back up at 4.30 the next day. I try to be in bed for 10pm, but don't always succeed.

I am so, so tired all the time. I've spent yet another day off asleep because I'm so tired.

Do I just need to have earlier bedtimes/better diet (it's shocking)/something else? If so please advise me! Or are some people just not compatible with getting up early?

EssentialHummus Thu 27-Oct-16 17:19:01

It may just be the very tough hours you mention, but please visit your GP and check thyroid, iron etc levels.

troubleatmill2011 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:45:53

Finishing work at 10pm you legally have to have an 11 hour break before you return to work. You should mention this to your employer.

ANewStartOverseas Thu 27-Oct-16 20:53:13

Yes the hurs sound stupid, esp the working late followed by working early.

I also agree that a visit to the GP wouldn't go amiss but in that time, I REALLY REALLY woud, start going to bed early (think about the number of hours you were getting when you were getting up at 7.00am. You need the same number of hours now, which means going to bed much earlier. 10.00pm is too late).
And look at your diet. Blood sugar levels all over the place, not enough vitamins etc... will also make you feel very tired.

Because yes feeling so tired could simply be as easy as not sleeping enough and eating crap.

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