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Minor prolapse

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stace01 Fri 14-Oct-16 12:37:51

Hi sorry this might be a little long winded. I feel so fed up! I could feel bulging bits downstairs and had intermittent bleeding after having ds2 now 21mths. Had forceps and episiotomy with ds1 who's now 7 lots of infections stitches broke down and downstairs left to 'heal itself'
I finally decided I should visit gp and she's basically said you have a minor womb prolapse and both front and back walls are very weak just go do pelvic floor exercises. I have been doing these after both children. I'm very embarrassed and just want to feel normal down there. Has anyone any recommendations on the cones on kegal etc did you see a difference. I feel like I just wasted doctors time.

Footle Fri 14-Oct-16 15:19:18

Ask the doctor ( maybe by phone ) for a referral to a gynae ( women's) physio. They can give you much better help with doing the pelvic floor exercises properly.

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