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CheltGlosLocal Sun 09-Oct-16 16:36:35

So my GP says I am too young to be going through the menopause, I am 49. My sister went through it at 40. I have a coil so haven't had a period for 5 years, so couldn't tell if they have stopped or not. But I have no energy whatsoever, I am shattered all the time yet get at least 7 hours sleep a night. Does anyone else find this ?

ChuckBiscuits Sun 09-Oct-16 16:43:24

Mine said that at 40 and I've missed out on 8 years HRT and now have osteoporosis. What a great result for me.

I was close to cracking up, no energy, no sleep, hot flushes, aches and pains and was crawling upstairs at the end of the day. Not good.

I'd recommend going to a different GP.

PollyPerky Sun 09-Oct-16 17:37:17

Too young at 49? What planet is your GP on? The average age in the UK is 51. The range is 45 -56. You are not too young.

I suggest you find another GP. One who knows about the menopause and can prescribe you HRT.

Have a good read of the website written by a consultant gyane who is the chairperson on the BMS.

NavyandWhite Sun 09-Oct-16 20:21:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StarOnTheTree Sun 09-Oct-16 22:11:50

I was classed as post-menopausal at 46 without ever being tested

danTDM Mon 10-Oct-16 09:00:46

Me too star

GJEYA Mon 10-Oct-16 09:08:43

Everyone's body is different. You can go through Menopause at any age. I do not agree with the GP. Try to get to a Sexual health clinic. A blood test should give the correct indication of your diagnosis.

scarfaceace Mon 10-Oct-16 09:20:41

Mine was all over and done with by 42! See a different GP.

devilinmyshoes Mon 10-Oct-16 11:17:44

That's ridiculous, am also all over and done with at 45.

devilinmyshoes Mon 10-Oct-16 11:18:41

I mean with the menopause! I'm not over and done with, I'm glad the reproductive years have finished though!

CheltGlosLocal Fri 14-Oct-16 12:42:38

Thanks for all your replies everyone, I have been a tad manic and hadnt had chance to log on. I have had a coil in for the past 5 years so haven't had a period in all that time. I have just lost 1 stone and 3.5lb on Slimming World so hoping that maybe that would help with the energy thing, when I can actually get time off work to get to the docs, I will try and see a different GP, I work in a different town to where I live and don't drive, this one is a woman though and it is mostly male doctors in my surgery.

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