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Teacher and mum: constantly ill

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salsiverdi Mon 26-Sep-16 16:40:03

My school have just about had enough of my persistent absences I feel and so have I. Last year, I took a total of 4 weeks off work with bugs and viruses, this does not include the time off I had with sick children!

3 weeks into the school year and I'm bed bound with full force flu. I'm embarrassed, my school are getting irritated I'm sure. I've had blood tests done to test for immunity issues and vitamin deficiencies but nothing has come up. I've never been so I'll so frequently as I have in the last few years. I'm even becoming anxious in between illnesses about getting ill and having to take time off as it is just so frowned upon at my school! Any tips?

MulberryBush12 Mon 26-Sep-16 16:47:08

Have you had your thyroid levels tested? I used to have frequent viruses and infections before diagnosis.
Also anaemia -Full blood count and Iron Stores.
Do you feel ok / "yourself "between viruses?

Deux Mon 26-Sep-16 16:48:12

I'm not a teacher so any advice on that front.

However a few years ago I had the same frequency of bugs/viruses/flu type symptoms as you. I ended up feeling really rundown and crying at the GPs.

Long story short, I had barely registered levels of vitaminD and was prescribed supplements for 6 months. 6000 iu per day for 2 months, then 2000 iu per day for 4 months.

I take supplements fromOctober - April and I've been fine ever since, just minor colds.

So do make sure you get VitD levels tested as it's important for so many functions.

Have a look at

Johnstonbananas Mon 26-Sep-16 22:26:10

Teacher here who is always sick too. Your thyroid definitely needs checked as already mention here.

What I wanted to say is- if you are sick you are sick. Worrying about it will make it much worse. At the end of the day we are surrounded by hundreds of kids with different illness and some of us just catch everything from them. No one expects you to be healthy every day. You are genuinely sick so relax and get better.

Tips for keeping colds and flus away for next time:

Flu jab
Hand sanitizer
Anti bacterial wipes for desk
Copious amounts of vitamin c- I keep some in my desk!

salsiverdi Mon 26-Sep-16 22:39:56

My thyroid and vitamin levels have all been checked and I've had the all clear. Definitely having a jab this year. I have to move around a lot at school which probably doesn't help the spread of germs! Also found that I catch everything the DCS bring home too.

AGenie Tue 27-Sep-16 23:54:42

I am the same and I've found that pacing helps. A friend of mine once told me that everybody gets one year like this in their 40s and they just have to keep getting in bed and resting until it goes away. They said if you do that then the phase will end and things will be okay again.

Frugalkate73 Thu 20-Apr-17 12:43:18

To everyone who has responded on this thread, thank you! You have given me hope! I am not a teacher but the owner of a toddler and I have been ill with various similar viruses and small gaps in between since Oct '16. :-( Been to Drs several times and nothing found - just told it's down to juggling so much and having a 3 year old. Reassures me to know others have had this. I am in my early 40's so take great comfort from Genie's comment in particular! Thanks

Sunshineandlaughter Fri 21-Apr-17 23:38:16

Did they def test vitamin d tho? They don't always include it.

Can you struggle in sick a bit more or are you truly bed bound each time?

Superjaggy Sat 22-Apr-17 20:12:30

I'm a teacher and I'd second the vitamin D suggestion - I took it over the winter this year (oral spray from Holland and Barrett) and my son, who's about to sit his exams, took it too. Neither of us were as unwell as we've been in previous years. I also took Floradix - liquid iron supplement.

As others have said, don't struggle into work because you're feeling guilty about being off. You have the right to stay at home and get better!

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