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Viral tonsillitis and staying off school

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BeyondASpecialSnowflake Sun 25-Sep-16 15:36:30

Super quick question

DS is his usual perky self, but - having complained his neck was hurting - I had a look at his throat and suspect viral tonsillitis. He hasn't too long recovered from bacterial tonsillitis, so I recognised his description, plus me and DH both had to have ours removed as children due to recurrent problems.

So, knowing that he is probably infected with nothing more serious than a RSV (and I'd send him in with a snotty nose) I'm guessing that it isn't something you (unless they are actually feeling poorly) need to keep them off for? Though I'm happy to keep him off if advised smile

PandoNoPants Sun 25-Sep-16 19:49:57

If it were DS, I'd probably keep him off tbh...well, if he was complaining of feeling ill and had a temperature. Do you think it is viral or a separate virus though (does he have a cough?) or that the bacterial infection has come back and he needs a longer course of antibiotics?

Funnily enough, I'm 9 days post tonsillectomy today!! sad . Tonsillitis is no fun!

Maybe see how he is in the morning.

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