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Starting a mindful eating plan. I will not snack! Anyone want to join me?

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bleedingnora Sat 23-Jul-16 07:38:58

I'm not overweight.
I do loads of exercise
I eat buckets of veg, healthy proteins and cook from scratch.

But I grace and pick and eat almost constantly.
Nibble in the car. Pick at bread from the bread bin.
Never have just one of something (pack of popcorn, lolly from the freezer)

I have a really odd relationship with food. I think about it constantly. I deny myself all sorts of things (would never eat a roast potato or an actual slice of cake in a cafe) and yet end up eating the equivalent just by nibbling at what is around at home.

It is so unhealthy mentally and although I manage my weight I would just love to be able to eat to appetite and not be consumed by the idea of food.

So my plan is this-
Sit down to eat
Don't graze.
Wait until truly hungry to eat- try and accept hunger as a valid sensation and not panic and shove something it at the first sign of it.
Have a one only rule for snacks.

Drink more water
Avoid eating in the car.

Anyone want to join me or have tips they could share?

trinity0097 Sat 23-Jul-16 15:53:06

Eat more fat and less carbs and you'll feel full longer and not want to snack.

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