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Hard lump on side of nose - possible klaxon??

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Izzadoraduncancan Fri 15-Jul-16 21:50:35

Hi, had this lump on the side of nose now for a few years. I hate it.
I think it may be a pore with hardened pus surrounding it. Quite hard to the touch and the pore hole in the middle is deep (not that I've prodded with a sterile needle - not me 🤔).
How do you suggest I attack this second nose? Do I really need to take my nose to the doc??

Izzadoraduncancan Fri 15-Jul-16 21:51:05

Photo would be good 🙃

Izzadoraduncancan Fri 15-Jul-16 21:54:09

from another angle

Lalaloopsyscaresme Fri 15-Jul-16 21:55:37

What happens if you squeeze it??

Izzadoraduncancan Sat 16-Jul-16 03:50:03

Nothing. Sometimes you can get a tiny top of a whitehead. I want it gone 😠

PitilessYank Sat 16-Jul-16 03:59:04

That looks like sebaceous hyperplasia to me. I had a few lesions like that on my face and my dermatologist used hyfrecation to eradicate them.

I had had them for years prior to that.

PitilessYank Sat 16-Jul-16 03:59:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Izzadoraduncancan Sat 16-Jul-16 07:19:58

Off to google hyfrecation....

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