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Gingerlilly Thu 14-Jul-16 15:23:34

So I joined a gym. Haven't been to one since I was in my 20s and remember it being an uncomfortable experience then but I guessed I'm in my 40s now and I should be more confident. Not so, spent an excruciating half an hour feeling extremely out of place. I have no idea why I find gyms so daunting. I know no one cares and no one is watching you but because I am so unfit I feel embarrassed that I can only use a cross trainer for 5 mins without turning bright red and my legs feeling like jelly and I am still avoiding most machines in case I make a mistake and use them wrong etc... so sad I know! There is also a sauna and jacuzzi but I felt so much an imposter I didn't dare go to that bit. Any advice for getting over my gymbarrassment - I've paid for joining now so I have to stick it out! Or alternatively make me smile with embarrassing gym tales of your own.

lilybunch Thu 14-Jul-16 20:27:12

Just go for it! Like you say, no one cares what you're up to - the pretentious posers are only checking themselves out in the mirrors and everyone else is worrying about their own work outs.

Wear something comfy that you're happy in, no need for full on lycra if it makes you feel self conscious. If you don't know how to use the kit, get an induction from a staff member - that's what they are there for and it will really give you a bit of confidence. And try out some classes to find something you like.

Mostly though, just keep at it. 5 minutes on the cross trainer this week is a great start and you'll be up to 20 minutes in no time and hopefully enjoying it! Good luck!

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