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Medical negligence in USA

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jemimavintage Fri 08-Jul-16 11:29:50

Hi Lovely Mumsnetters

I had a couple of emergency (ish) procedures carried out in USA in feb. My life wasn't in danger but I was in pain. One of the procedures was carried out without my knowledge or consent, while I was under GA...and I was even sent away from the hospital without any knowledge of having had it done. It was only when I collected the notes from the hospital several weeks later that I discovered what I had had done. I was in some pain from that procedure too, and that was blown off. In fact, the gastro who carried it out, didn't even see me for a follow up afterwards.

My question is... I feel quite aggrieved about this. I've been left with a moderate amount of daily pain (not necessarily resulting from the procedure, but.....perhaps)... I've since paid for a private scan the tune of £1500. My travel insurance is also going to skyrocket. The cost of the procedures was $78,000. So, does anyone know any really good lawyers over here who might take a case like this? or if anyone has any knowledge in this particular (niche, potential negligence abroad), can you give me your opinion please?

thanks so much, you're all bloody brilliant on here.. smile

J x

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