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Recognising faces, following plots etc

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Felco Tue 05-Jul-16 17:54:41

I'm having increasing problems with following what's happening in films. I've been laying all the blame at the door of Marvel grin because those films go so fast and I'm only there to accompany my son, so I guess my mind wanders.

However, I've got to face up to the fact that I can now no longer really follow a movie or tv show, and in part it's because lots of the faces - particularly dark-haired males for some reason - all look the same and sound the same to me. Plots are getting lost as I try to work out who's who.

Until recently this was never a problem for me so I know something has changed. I'm actually really worried. I find this in real life too - but lots of people do, I don't think I'm unusual. I just know that I'm changing and it's quite disorientating.

Has anyone else found anything similar and what did it turn out to be? I'm 43 btw and healthy enough, bit overweight.

ScarletForYa Tue 05-Jul-16 17:58:37

particularly dark-haired males for some reason - all look the same and sound the same to me

I have this, same thing for, white dark haired males all look the same in films so I can't follow them. They all look like Clark Kent. Identical, I'm white myself but it's like a form of face blindness.

I gave up trying to follow Hollywood movies a long time ago. Many times I'd think the Hero and Villain were one and the same, especially in those dark, fast moving ones.

Whatslovegottodo Tue 05-Jul-16 17:59:21

It sound like it is face blindness. A harmless but annoying condition. Also called prospopagnoisa. I find it really difficult to recognise people outside of their usual environments and also to follow films etc.
My only err is that I have always had this (diagnosed via Internet as never needed to seek medical attention was just relieved to know what it was!) so if it is new then maybe worth a gp visit. Do you think in pictures? I don't and that is linked also I believe.

Felco Tue 05-Jul-16 18:07:33

OK so not just me with the dark haired males! I didn't have it at all with something like Orange is the New Black, but all the women are so different in looks.
The worst thing is meeting all the school parents and knowing that they'll tell me their name but I'll never remember it or what they look like so what's the point. I used to work in a job where I had to remember and use about a thousand different people's names a year and I never had a problem.

I'm also forgetting work I;ve done - I'll go to research a new project and find that my past self did half the work, started a folder and kept notes. No recollection.

I used to be sharp as a tack and I feel quite lost. I have to hide this from my colleagues too. I forget words - I got interviewed for the radio recently and right in the middle there's a long, long pause where I just about get away with sounding like I'm contemplating my next pithy observation. I had just totally forgotten a very mundane word and I couldn't get going again.

gingeroots Tue 05-Jul-16 18:45:37

I think the face blindness thing /the actual condition is one you're born with
not something you develop as you get older .Tho naturally stress and tiredness might make a mild form of this become worse and suddenly recognisable .

I think as this is a new thing for you and you also have other symptoms ,forgetting words etc ,that you should go and talk to your GP .

Good luck .

tobee Tue 05-Jul-16 19:59:03

One of the things I'd suggest getting tested is thyroid function.

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