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Swollen lymph nodes

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Meganlillymai Sun 12-Jun-16 21:22:39

Back again!! I feel like I pop up on this every year!!

Anyways. 3+ years ago I found a lump under my jaw after a cold. Never changed I settled down. Then a few months ago I was sat poking beside my thyroid for around 3 fours straight !! The next morning I woke up and the whole side of my wind pipe felt slightly more prominent then the other and I have 3 veins that I can feel with a pea sized lump right beside my wind pipeZ they are moveable but when I swollow I feel like a PING in my throat. Now I do have massive anxiety and I've read the ping could actually be down to that but I just can't settle. I also have a phobia of the docs as well. But surely if these lumps where cancer or lymphoma I would have some other kind of symptoms now ??? It's been 3 years !!!

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