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Starting metformin - advice on slowly increasing dose?

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AuntieMaggie Wed 01-Jun-16 19:23:46

I'm just about to start taking metformin. I was on it previously and remember being given a schedule for increasing the dose to the prescribed amount to minimise the side effects but can't remember what it was... any advice?

I've been prescribed 1500mg a day for pcos. The schedule was given to me by my gynae consultant but this time it's been prescribed by gp so not as much helpful advice!

MetalMidget Thu 02-Jun-16 12:58:30

I was in exactly the same situation, and I started off with a morning and evening tablet, then added the third one at lunch after two weeks. Still took a month before my stomach sorted itself out!

Dionnewint25 Sun 05-Jun-16 10:56:05

Hi all, I hope somebody can answer my question Iam going out if my mind.
So 7 yrs ago I got diagnosed with pcos I was put on clomid for ovulation and another tablet to make me have periods after being on these for 12 months I was told there was nothing more they could do for me but I had read there was loads of things that could of been done, I went back to my doctor after being discharged and he helped me with my weight I really struggled and could not be accepted for ivf as my bmi was .5 over so after some research I asked for metformin I was on that for about 4 months and never fell pregnant, we decided to go back to the doctor and ask for a private referral for ivf he agreed and we got a letter through for our first consultation, but by the time it came I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant I was over the moon, most ppl have said it was cause you relaxed let me just tell you nobody that wants a baby relax's, here she now is at 22months after a emergency section as my labour was three days but that's another story confused
So we want another and have finally convinced the consultant to put me on metformin 1 500mg twice daily, I was not aloud clomid this time as you are only ment to have it for 4 months and I was on it for 12months and Iam now at risk of cervical cancer. So my metformin has give me periods for the pasted 4months on time but this month nothing done two test but both negative, I don't even know if I have been ovulating as I have not been monitored since being in it. So that's my story but I would just like to know if anybody else has been on this and there period has stopped????

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