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The mystery of the large tonsil is starting to make me worry :(

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ThePebbleCollector Thu 12-May-16 11:01:26

Hi all I hope you can help with possible suggestions/things i could push docs towards.

I had chronic tonsil problems as a child, but throughout teens and adult life never had a problem. I am now nearly 30.For the last few years my Dentist has commented on the size of my tonsils, but never had an illness relating to them.

3 months ago I was knocked out with a very bad bout of "tonsilitis" self treated with painkillers and salt water and it subsided, but then it returned, and I was bed ridden again. This has happened about 5 times in 3 months, each time after I almost recover, I get knocked back hard. Weak body, pain in arms and legs, very very severe sore throughout, lethargy and nausea. The most recent being having a whole week off work last week. Barely managing to function

After a number of visits to the doctors they decided it wasn't your average bout of tonsillitis and sent me for blood tests. Whilst waiting for the blood test appointment i started to get pain in my upper right, and lower back. when I mentioned this to the doctor they said if it is glandular I may have inflamation in other glands in my body.

My bloods came back in 24 hours with various exclamation markers. But it came back negative for glandular fever, and showing no signs of virus or infection. The only thing they could follow up with was that my inflammation markers were high (instead of being between 0 - 11, mine were 87) He said my body is fighting some kind of inflammation, but obviously they aren't sure what.

I am currently waiting for an ENT referral, but the thing that is making me particularly worried, because I went and googled my symptoms like and idiot is that the only tonsil that is doing anything strange is my right one. My right tonsil has currently crossed the middle of my throat, and is heading towards the left. At the minute, it's painless but I can feel it in the way when I talk and swallow (my voice have deepened) But when I am ill, both my tonsils hurt.

Now as I mentioned my dentist has already commented on my apparent large tonsils, but I've never really bothered having a look at them myself. So for all I know my right tonsil has always been large, but I can feel it there at the moment so is clearly not the norm. The doctor also said that the glands in my neck feel inflamed.

At the moment I am doing what I would call recovering, but this same instance has happened 5 times now. And I know it is only temporary, still weak, with twinges and pains all over my body and a sore throat threatening to return any day now.

I mentioned cancer to the doctor, he said it didn't "look" cancerous... how would he even know? My bloods are showing I am fighting something, but also showing I have nothing viral or bacterial... so what could it be??

stayathomegardener Thu 12-May-16 11:16:03

Bit like "have you thought of stopping the cheque"
Have you not considered having your tonsils out?

ThePebbleCollector Thu 12-May-16 11:29:39

Due to the fact I've never had any problems since I was a child, they weren't really interested in going down that road as they told me for an adult it's 2 weeks off work, and a pretty painful recovery.

Obviously now I'm waiting for this ENT referral they may come to think it's the only option, but at the minute it would be a last resort, and agree with them at the moment,. It's something that has been happening for months, not years and is not tonsilitis.

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