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Diagnose me?

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FretYeNot Fri 29-Apr-16 11:56:18

I'm going to get in with the GP as soon as I can, but in the meantime does anyone know what's up with me and how I can help myself?

I've got hip pain, both sides, and pain down the outside of my thighs. After a couple of hours at work, the pain was all the way down my legs. Not only is it painful, I felt like I wasn't walking with my legs, but with my hips. That's hard to explain, but it's as if I'm having to move each leg by moving my hips. My back doesn't hurt much, only a little right at the bottom. I've also had painful muscles in my right thigh at the front and in my right knee.

At work I stand for six hours at the till, yesterday I managed only two hours before it was unbearable. I'm hobbling round like a pensioner and I'm only 40. Any ideas?

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