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Hair breaking

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Devilscelery Wed 27-Apr-16 19:29:29

I've always had healthy, strong hair. Around last September I noticed my hair breaking in places and it seems to have got worse recently that it's noticeable when I tie my hair up. It's getting me down. Has anyone experienced this?

Lovepolkadots Thu 28-Apr-16 09:19:19

Maybe your hair is weakened by something underlying like thyroid or other hormonal stuff even stress and diet can have a huge impact on hair. d see a doctor or if you can afford see a trichologist.
They will be able to access the overall health of your scalp and also do blood work to see what's going on inside.
Our hair gets more brittle with age I know that. Do you use a lots of chemical products? Maybe a very gentle shampoo with no nasty chemicals in and don't use hair bands hair dryers serums etc.
Good luck x

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